Friday, July 4, 2014

Nar - Black Tape

Nar - Black Tape. Its been plasti dipped.

I didn't play it in my decks, though, it may play fine with pleasurable slowing from gumming gunk wheels.
There are 7 copies; Says Discogs.

Friday, June 27, 2014

DAS - Recycled HNW

Lofi dub of Harsh Ambient Drone Wall. This may have been a brutal HNW track, but some of the frequency response range may have been lost in translation through high-speed duping process. Evil ominous low end tones swirm around a spire of burning hot pincers. Darkness blazes with thunderous ferocity. Cliffhanger nightmare syndrome. Slurp it up.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

...Wind Swept Plains... - Songs for Melting Lovers Volume I C12 #3 on American Outsider

This tape looks pretty DIY so I had to pick it up from Wall of Sound. WSP... It was most like hand made by Chad Allen, himself. You may remember him from such bands as: Forrest Friends, Gods Among Men, Tundra, Hellgrammite, Stalebirth, and his solo one-man meltdownings ...Wind Swept Planes...

This a weird tape all wrapped up in Reynolds Wrap, labeled with red duct tape and includes a lil extra blingy glass tile with abstract candy-coated color. Only ten copies.
its got two sides:
Nest of Vipers got me all shook up
gralling nalling gnullling charlinng. Crouching blueser hidden rag. Abstract dobro riffs, mangleoid lyrical blithering. Get your groater runnin' like a didgeridoo on hullabaloo.
Its Quiet in the Closet
Ewoking hippictain whoowaakka trove thickets. A 19th century Latin-Asian love story unfolds twicklig twaing acousta gutter guitar serenade folkery. Blugerlized inner throat & gitis culture on the fridge.

Thanks Be to you!

Nar / Hearse Fetish ‎– Split C40

This is my first Nar tape. There's no label putting their name on this, so I guess one of the bands must have dubbed these off in their basement. In any event, they look great. Salivating at the thought of the tasty slabs within. It was billed as some Harsh Noise HNW so I figured I'd have to check it out. It looks great, I cant wait to get in it and see what it is.
Nar - Xerox Obsession. Popped this tape in and it must be some kind of instant start cassette cause it was completely rewound but the track started immediately. Nice new white shells with expertly printed labels contain white hot searing & rumbling +3dB red crackling HNW tracks. Scuttered chirples flippant upper valve high boiling pressure plate on a heavy bed of bottomed out scorch on the lown ends. Vastly unchanging tattered and deep fried, pure wind-torn pedal crazy distortion worship.

Hearse Fetish - Skin-Grafted Home [Eternally Occupied]. A light layer of sucked out static breaks into a HNW chamber chassis. Slowly the elements are stripped away one at-a-time to reveal the man behind the curtain. Awkward and unsettled, naked and afraid. Hearse Fetish quickly becomes tired of the status quo HNW and pulls out some stops. Pulls some strings, makes the puppet dance. The truth is not always the way you wish it to be, but sometimes the truth can set you free. The walls are coaxed into waves and viaducts. Bring it up, tare it down. Lash it with your belt. Do-si-do harsh wall on wall knobby troggle. More character develops as the story unfolds. Twisted nipples, crossed lines. There is no undoing what has been done, there is no knowing what is to come. Boys will be boys, let them play with their toys.
Slick print jobs on the J cards. Liner notes says "Thanks To No One But Ourselves"

Pent Up Release: PURcs020 PRISONFOOD / Wet Trash - The Booblicker

Pent Up Release: PURcs020 PRISONFOOD / Wet Trash - The Booblicker: PRISONFOOD / Wet Trash - The Booblicker C33 PURcs020 Edition of 20.

Pent Up Release: PURcs021 PRISONFOOD - ??????????????? C11

Pent Up Release: PURcs021 PRISONFOOD - ??????????????? C11: PRISONFOOD - ??????????????? C11 PURcs021 Edition of 12

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Burial Ground - Dedicated to Mario Bava 4xC64 on Crystal Lakes Tapes

Burial Ground, the heavyweight champion of Horror Noise Wall has gracefully paid tribute to a truly great influence here. This thing turned into a classic the day it was put out. The aesthetic of the black and white golden era movie creates a highly appealing throwback to a time when classy films inspired and stimulated audiences' imagination like no other medium. The nostalgic scary movie fonts are so enticing, you can't help but succumb to the urge to overindulge on a 4 hour HNW 8-way feature bender. It's not a small task to turn out a good Harsh Noise Wall tape. Just to cross the finish line is an admirable affair, but there is another thing to be said for a release that fires on all cylinders in such a way where the art work, packaging, dubbing quality, print material composition, theme, and content come together in a way that delivers a fabricated relic worth blithering about. Burial Ground is obviously a man of the craft.

The Dedicated to Mario Bava set is a gem. These tapes are dubbed on white normal bias cassettes. They're crisp and hot slabs of blistering static clocking in at +3dB. Each side previews some choice morsels before exploding in sheer terror texture for the complete duration. The case is a durable black jobber with a genuine pleatheresque reinforcement on the spine. Edition of 24.

Two copies of this sticker, so you can stick one and keep the other for the release insert.

Mario Bava (1914-1980) R.I.P.  

Suicide Wreckage - Recycled Tape

Hello this is Pat Robertson... instantly plunged into harsh twisted territory. Power Electronics. Squirming distortions, laboured vocal rants huffing and puffing out your chest.
Windsock vibration. Underpass tunnel traffic 60mph Souring feedbacks stirring over lonesome muttering. Glass escalator. Timid approach. A new pair of glasses.
Hashed up windstorm cyclone distorted degraded wall of hurricane fuel. Under the house, metal pipes are disjoining. Alarming, localized bombing, wake the fuck up carnage out some sick & twist.
change the station...
keep going...
Oh the 700club? Yes.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vertonen / Anti-Ear c41 on BOC Sound Laboratories (2005)

Grinds grain into stardust. Reverse reverb trailing up to whipping spizzle twipe inspurjr tweeee. Vertonen wastes no time getting right to the goods kicking off his side with a couple tracks featuring some choice A grade source-material by Anti-Ear. Sheets of static mingle with blursts of rupple zerks. Twyster squeals back tone jammer scankling the bit-tronic cosmusic-box inner lining vibraphone rendering of over the borderline. oh oh, and wait for it... yup... in creeps the keep pushing me loop. Material world material girl loop comes, trainwrecks, goes, synth lead bassline walking hot trot.
Rising pulsation, scrapple compressed air, wet tongue, squishy paste, crumpled juice-box, clackle wheel, pozzi pig sticker. Harsh sand and broken glass stuckle on fly-paper swabs. Anti-Ear comprises tracks of some intricate bizzaro sounds. Loops fade in and out weaving together mad tapestry pattern cycles that twitch and impale a constant sea-change creating a most colorful voyage of exploration and discovery into the realms of Harsh Experimental Musick. Tune into Tokyo, Jupiter, Andromeda... Is there anyone receiving transmission? Scraggly spurts of static cling grunt to gargle chop to screw meet me under the gurney. Never give up hope; never stop the noise spewage. Churning up lung butter, hostile squelch fly leave me the fuck alone!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

They Live - LP on Death Waltz Recording Co. (2013)

Soundtrack to the movie that blows the lid off this whole god damn thing.
The veil of deception penetrated by dark sunglasses.
All hail John Carpenter & Alan Howarth.

This record is so fucking good. Essential electronic blues music. Sort of a sprawling jazz vibe not far removed from David Lynch's Twin Peaks. There's been a measurable uptick in John Carpenter worship over the last few years. There's surge in bands that seem to exist exclusively within the John Carpenter genre, and for good reason. This album being a prime example.
Death Waltz recently popped up in 2011 producing exquisite 180g colored vinyls with lavish prints & posters that'll wow even the most jaded record junkies. They've spared no expense getting the killer soundtracks the treatment they deserve. I've seen these for sale at most local record shops, so you'll have no problem finding them. They might cost a little extra, but it'll be worth it once you realize how much your quality of life improves when you get it home and got it spinning on your platter.

This is the translucent magenta vinyl version.

Liner notes:

Recorded at Electric Melody Studios, Glendale, California

Equipment used:
Keyboards: Synclavier Digital Audio System, Emulator II with OMI CD-ROM, Yamaha DX7, SCI Prophet 10, 2002 and VS, Ensoniq EPS and SQ-80, Oberheim SEM-4.
Outboard effects: Korg DVP-1, Moog Vocoder, Eventide H949, Lexicon 224X, Delta Lab DL-4 & DL-5, JL Cooper MSB 16/20.
Recorders and console: Soundcraft 2400, Ampex MM-1100 24 track, Otari Mark III-4 & 8, Sony VO-5850, Sony PCM-F1, 3M Tape.
Computers and software: Apple Macintosh SE & II, Digidesign Cue Sheet, Mark Of The Unicorn Performer 2.31.
Album processed using B.A.S.E. (Bedeni Audio Spacial Environment)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Burial Ground - The Boogeyman c92 on Worthless Recordings (2013)

Burial Ground has established a reputation as the quintessential Horror-HNW artist. Slays it every time. Lays it to rest peacefully. Do not disturb sign on the door. To me, the many Burial Ground releases' are a guilty pleasure, meant to be savored. Each side of the tapes are like a tall frosty milkshake with whip cream on top. The winning recipe produces a salivating consistency. A mood setting intro and a fully fledged Harsh Noise Wall of thick-ass distortion. Pure Static Worship, a burning therapeutic obsession. These walls are so good, they have become the walls by witch all other walls are to be judged.

You'll find this tape to be exactly what you'd come to expect from Burial Ground. Choice samples from an old flick, The BOOGEYMAN, that usher in forty-minute walls of pure terror-tone. I flipped my J-card around, reversed it, cause I'm a rebel who showcases nice inner-art. The stickers on the tape itself kinda seem like they're spray-painted, total black, but the finish is so smooth, it's deceiving; maybe its printed, no I'm going with my paint theory cause it smells painty perhaps. Clean job. Tabs are still in, so don't fuck shit up. 20 copies & fresh out.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Vertonen – Fait A La Machine / Machines Domestiques Picture Disc + CDr on Crippled Intellect Productions ‎– CIP025 & Ratskin Records ‎– RSR034

A1 Hydraulic Hammer, Diesel Engine, Forge, Die Mold Cutter. Well right-the-fuck-on! here we have some honest-to-goodness INDUSTRIAL music. The way it was always meant to be. Steady rhythm of a well oiled machine. The repetition of the factory equipment mass producing goods on a large scale. Plunking and clanking away.
A2, A3, A4 all sound much more textural in nature. Ambient walls of perhaps an industrial origin. Sublet hums and sub-sonic drones with twinkling wind blown debris. They mostly just sound like good thought provoking dismal ambient noise walls with an ethereally elated impetus. 
Side A ends with a nice lock & groove loop reminiscent of the clearly industrial factory floor sound on track1
Side B begins with an industrial revolution lock & groove too! Hey, how bout that!? 
B1 Thrashing metal wall of scrap noise, sanded down with 80-grit sandpaper. Commando crawling through the air ducts, stabbing the sheet metal with his elbows and knees, trudging along at a brisk pace.
B2 You're on the clock! Time is money! Get'r done! Lets go sister! Weld it up tight, we ain't got all night.
B3 1600 Ton Forge Press, Milling Machine, Cylindrical Grinder Heavy mechanics.
B4 Hazardous environments in the workplace. Always use safety equipment when operating the Binding Machine, Grinder, Conveyor Belt.
Lock & groove: sawing motion.
This record is righteous.

The nice pro-done looking CDr included is focusing on the more ambient side of automated ventilation systems and shit. I dunno about all of that, but this is so good, I might have to put it on my funeral playlist. Its an hour long, and effortlessly warrants multiple listens.

One of the nicest looking pic discs I've seen.
You should buy this.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

D.M.A.H. - TULPA cdr out on Smell The Stench (2011)

Harsh, smashing, wall of terrorized and disgustupated noise. Earsplitting barrage of obliterated squeal and distortion. Feedback and fax machine modulation overtone static eruption. Geismic crumbling of the heavy-handed brutality machine. Punishing non-stop frequency abuse. Brulpy chaos. Some vile human who hates his neighbors must be behind all this savage rage. Debilitating low-end garble crushing stray unrefined knobfloolery. Frayed static and melted tone. Sweeping dry layers of powdered distortion. Garnished with harsh citrus pulp and razor blades slices. Injected with an Aggressive Black Wall paste of Harsh Static Frenzied Drone. Brushing your teeth with steel wool. Laying it down with layers of chunky waves of raw power. Dropping the kill switch. Pulling the breakers. Swarmimng squall. A searing 57 minute Harsh Noise melee, all stitched together from presumably only the most violent and brutal cuts.Will fuck you up and down the sheet. Sort of putters out in the last few minutes, but all together a good cd to throw on and do some house chores.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WITH PREJUDICE - tax the whore and release the burden Double-C10 on Worthless

Sometimes tapes get your panties wet. The sounds on this tape reach above & beyond the bar, striving for dynamic excellence and superior high quality gutter fidelity. Graphic Harsh Noise with seasoned intent.

Wind chimes mournfully toll for the nocturnal ritual of passage. Orchestrated afterlife. Travel down the well of tranquility where they're: voraciously stabbing up garbage, crushing cans, thrashing around bags of trash and repeatedly slamming the lid.

Hot blistering fire tongue poked & stoked her ear with piercing high frequency microphone feedbacks. The blaze heats up, raging on and on, drowning out all the sirens. Temperatures so hot they'll melt your face off and skullfuck bubbling brain matter. A tormented hell-hound stampede across tattered wind-beaten flags of unforgiveness. Spilled feedback over junkwall raspberry tart.

Laying bricks and hollow bottles, the stark, ambient string-drones flood in and drown you with an uncontrollable wave of fear. The bottle still tolls for thee. BAM! Superharsh MAJOR SCREAMING WALL. HNW full on action like a static mother.. Scream it out, bitch! SCREAM! Now, return to the nightmare of being locked in this cage, digging your way out with a bottle while the bombs are being dropped all around. Terrorfucktape.

Ripple of decent. Madness is the intent. Carnivorous insect intruder.
Lofi distortion loops whip you back and forth. The Lush breeze of death fueled chaos blows decisively. Vocal seance interjects the solemn return to the underworld. The path of the turd, in time, leads to the April flower.

Housed in a double-tape case. Nice printed sticker labels indicating numerals and nothing more.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Vertonen At Jennie Richie & irr. app. (ext.) out on Readymades Tapes - Quality Since 1893

Cemetery lurking. Beyond the low lying blanket of fog. Smooth ghost in the machine loop. Eerie refrain. Haunting the hallows of Valhalla. High banshee siren of the bat kingdom sends the signal. A fine sweet whine met with a salty low rumble in the tummy. Wisps granulating into phonoise in ambient sauce. Blend together slowly, this silky velvet pate aurally stimulates the pleasure center and easily spreads onto cerebral cortextural. Keep the children laughing. These aren't your grandmother's cookies, but you're taste buds can't tell the difference.
Ethereal organ chord, cosmic ambient dust clouds. Spiritually uplifting melodic phrase progressions build celestial soundscapes paving freeways to heavens gate. Starlight beams through, burning holes in the ambient pillow-fort, rendering the fabric a tattered cheesecloth letting large chunks of atmosphere inside. Cast-iron camping cookware & utensils; clatter & clang. Ringing static and ruptured ruffling. Refilling the humidifier. Who broke the handle off the bird feeder? Good gracious whirly-chopter jet-engines merge with the sitar sunrise phenomenon.
Fall in love, to death, with these top notch nod offs. Play this tape all night and into the beginnings of daylight for maximum results.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Matt Shoemaker - The Late Day Spectrum on Master Chemical Society

Sound Sample on Soundcloud courtesy of Master Chemical Society

Matt Shoemaker is known for his minimalistic drone music. He also does extensive work with field recordings, audio collage, and even some of the maniacally harsh, implode your lucidity type shit. I've seen him use super fancy modular synths with gobs of blinking lights and a spaghetti nest of wires dangling around as well as some rather interesting junk-metal devices. His performances are some top-notch stuff and his recordings are absolutely remarkable.
The Late Day Spectrum is a low key string/drone/wind/field recording/ masterpiece. The sounds of these instruments are captured with rich tone and full harmonic depth. The performance, indeed flawless. This tape will resonate in your space like a beautiful gamelan. Intoxicating strings carry you off with the breeze. A rustling drizzle-cloud glides you back home.
Nice thick, double-sided, pro-folded J-card in clear norelco case. Imprint on side a only. This tape looks, feels and sounds exceptional. Master Chemical Society is a new label worth investigating; so investigate.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sound Out Light - Bloom c30 out on Fabrica Records (2012)

Here's an artist that is completely new to me but digging around on discogs, I find that Sound Out Light is Dave Doyen, and he has another project called Vales, and a band, Roped Off, all having been moderately active these last 5 years or so, lets see how it tastes...

The yellow tape is in a yellow tinted case, and its "shrink wrapped" like a pack of smokes, with a small strip that you pull to get the plastic open quick & easy. This is the first I've ever seen this feature on a cassette tape, and I must admit, that I love it. Makes it feel like this tape is a product that is packaged for quick and convenient consumption by the masses; possibly habit forming. Dig right in and notice the imprint on the tape features skulls on side A and a huge flock of tiny birds on side B; so you know it's gunna be kill.

There are no harsh noisebox or shakerbox walls, nor a screeching feedback blasts on this tape, just a bunch of smooth full-flavor satisfaction-enhancing really awesome drone music. Literally some of the best twinkling polished up ambient songs on the charts today. Maybe its New Age woo-woo; wouldn't be rad if we digested New Age woo-woo? This euphoric sorcery isn't of the gutter stream, its all too pure and potent for that. Mellowtone drone beneath the whir of synth loop-echo goodness; not intended for single use, use it again and again until you are healed. Sweird, a lot of good tonedrone stuff like this has been rolling in my decks, lingering in my air recently. Cosmic Sativa Walls of Sunshine. No wrongs make it all right.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vacio Perfecto - El Despoblador c30 on Worthless Recordings

Cold Death Industrial Post Dark Ambient Martial Textural Rhythmic Harsh Burnt Drone Charred Noise Structures. Grilled feedback, deep fried alarm tank. Cue the generator. Contaminate her with your essence. Blindside her by your vision. Sputter rusted blood. Mechanical tissue. Surgical freeze. Intermittent sub-hum. Neck squelching psycho-garble snare. Not too dirty, not too clean, there is a real middle tempo/ low end tonal organic synth beds, steady grueling pace. Ghost-ride your deathbed. Repetition builds to provide more pulse and direction. Not so much any programmed drum machines or synths, but a lot of loops of loops and leads. Squashed out oscillations squirming beneath lofi phono stylus abuse. An occasional sample of a creepy Spanish guy monologue gets tossed in. Maybe he's dictating to his diary, I dunno, creepaziod though for sure. Holding your attention span hostage with a meat cleaver. Brighter Death Phantom Breath. Sonar assisted predatory war game. This artist would feel right at home on Cold Spring.

Includes Lyric sheet, on really thin delicate paper. Outer strip says his name is Esteban F. Alcalde and this was recorded in Valdemoro-Madrid in 2012. Worthless put this out in 2013. It's a good listen. New artist worth following for sure.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Swastika Novelty Co. - analogs / tasting the order of...

(1) analogs
(2) tasting the order of...

Buzz drone for the perfect cup of drip coffee.
I always like to play this tape real early in the morning. Its got a chill chi aligning vibe. The kind of lush-fi drone tone that make you wanna go "Om." Roll out the yoga mat. Get your day started off right. These gently wavering wings of overdrive are like a float down the chasm of a soaring orgasm. No surprise screeching feedbacks or jarring discomforts, just soothing even tempered gutter bliss. I picture it as a torrid love affair between an imitation strat and an electric toothbrush; uh-huh. I know it's early but crank it up, no one'll mind. They'll all thank me later.

It doesn't indicate much info on the tape here, but this is the first in presumably a long series of forthcoming releases from this artist on the Readymades Tapes imprint, which appears to be a label home to 6 surreal experimentalists. Swastika Novelty Co. is the offerings of some guy named eriijk. This guy does stuff.  I'm not exactly sure whats going on down in californialand but pour yourself a cup, pull up a seat & lets start poking it with a stick.
Eeiijk's website

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Panicsville / Vertonen - Coagulation purple 7" out on CIP (2002)

Purple 7" here.
"coagulation" is a collaboration between panicsville and vertonen.
A. such tedious assessments only inflame the dourest of comedies
sure that's all well and good-but a rash is a rash.
B. your name dropping skills are matched only by your lack of charisma
anger mismanagement
third reich from the sun

Mastering by J. Soliday.
Cover art which is totally rad and not featured in this digest, by a. ortmann
stereophonic recording, 33.3 rpm
C.I.P. 010
also included is about half of a white sleeve, and some 2002 era printed promo label propaganda.

Dedicated to Peter Soto's beard
Freak-out spastic weirdo cut-up road-rash and raspberries sounds utilizing the stereo spread. Wropls and blewps are answered on the opposing side by hot flying chunks of static shrapnel. Rolling with layers of buzzy drip drone walls, waves of oscillation cascade up and down.  Lock and groove. Hippie-hop kumbaXcore gutter track reprise.

Andy + Blake 4 ever
Stern wavering meow sine cutoff synthphonic lead. Mellowing harsh, metal clangs on repeat hit loop on the 3, warbly tones drones delay loop growing mushrooms in moms basement echo low on the blippy bloop LFO. Dental grade nitrous trip pop to the lock and groove, a smooth loop of bloop wows.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vertonen - Flooded c29 out on Readymades Tapes - Quality Since 1893

Says here that Vertonen is B. Edwards and Devices. Also says these was recorded, composed, edited, and mastered May-June 2013 at Papin Sisters Studios in Chicago, IL. It says Readymades Tapes - Quality Since 1893. It doesn't say that Vertonen is the new flavor of the month and we eat this shit up.

1. orchestreas An elegant ambiance caressing the soft and subtle whispering tongue ear licking drone. No quirky experimental loops or harsh noise interjections. Empowering the sorrowful. Crippling the antagonistic. This tape delivers the highest caliber of ethereal serendipitous stung like a lullaby, run like the sea. Sun-kissed face hot apple-pie breeze. Faint radio tuning static cloud greets the bow of reign into a bed of forever dusted rose pedals.

2. timeminded Wind in non-concentric phase grows a gizzard of underlying d'tune tenor raga revealing the choral call for blissful excellence in the reunification of oneness.. Do put this on in the feel good fashion. May induce altered dispositions. Not for operating heavy equipment. Love-cycle tendrils of pure energy disperse into everything forever.
This one's for you JZ and AD

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vertonen - Heat - white vinyl 7" released by Crippled Intellect Productions ‎– CIP005 (1995)

Slurmy flanges on the Whoville drum-machine.
Busy day for the clerk at paranormal headquarters.
Dammit there's no blood there.
Lighthearted death-industrial loops and samples.
Lock and groove has a pop in it, so it gets no play
short paradise city grass is green loop jam + laughing toy loop lock and groove get lotsa play. G&R gemlet.

Includes awesome jamb-packed informative booklet as well as train schedule, un-filled-out New York lottery ticket. Sanitized toilet strip on the sleeve is a rad touch. Clean white vinyl. Historically significant in some way. Let the good times roll.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pulsating Cyst - Horrible Signal glow in the dark 7" out on Obfuscated Records 2012

This 7" is made of glow in the dark vinyl and harsh dark ambien industrial death. Low squashed bass tones linger up down and around squalling arches of hissing circuit-bent jabberwocky. Threading feedback through the eye with needles in it. Putted the toaster in the bathtub style lock and groove end the side. Nice printed label propaganda, band sticker, label sticker, black inner sleeve and thick glossy 2-sided inserts all nice as can be. Overall average+ sounding noise release with above average packaging. Glow in the dark vinyl. Got it for like 3 or 4 bucks, brand new from the label. Obfuscated rules. Pick one up for your kid brother back east, it'll be a great 1st exposure to noise.

RARA Percussion & Horn Ensemble ‎– House Of The Rising Sun translucent red 7" 1994

Sounds like some old fogey singing House Of The Rising Sun. The band is good. what more do you want from life? Classic.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Vertonen - Blind Ventriloquist out of print on Rainbow Bridge

Here's one that's been getting plays by this new band guy artist project I just recently rediscovered called Vetonen. Actually Vertonen is the mind bake of Blake Edwards, who is possibly some sort of legendary noise master or maybe just overall under-rated jammer in general. It's unclear to me at this time. Absolutely worth delving into for a deeper examination, lets begin with this here Blind Ventriloquist tape released on Rainbow Bridge (a tie-dye-leopard-print friendly label recently relocated to Chicago from Baltimore ish). Material recorded and edited in March 2013, Doff of the hat to Justin Marc Lloyd, Nods to M.G. & AMK.

Awesome Side 1 is a 16m blisser of improvised turntables, 1-left channel, 1-right channel, playing run-out grooves, labels and edges of records (and bands too) using the 33 to 78 stylus mechanism on the tonearm coupled with a janky connection cable. It pretty much says so on the insert. Side 2 is the same sort of shit but with hand-melted records and distortion pedal to the source recordings.

Dreamy vocal loops of ghosted olde-tyme female crooner serenades and skips entertain both the conscious as well as the subconscious mind ear. This is followed by some bad trip inducing scattered needle drops to fuck your shit right up so be on guard or pay it no mind. After frantic moments we're delighted with the babbling brook of lush record static. Sorry grandma, but we're entering some death-industrial marching zone. They must have rock quarries in heaven. Let the angels sing, but lets crush the hell out of these rocks. Love.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Forrest Friends - 40 Winks Of Dyer - c40 out now on Cryptic Carousel

Forrest Friends are indigenous to the many forested regions of the Great Northwest
Experimental drones, loops, rattlesnake percussion, mystical shit. pitch affection vocal yaps&yammers, stings of strings, symbolic cymbals, grudging bass beat, songs by folks who know gnomes. Smoking fairy dust off on the side. Spoken word. Summer Jam. Dirty Hippy, Summer Job. Busking for buckets. Down low ^ up with the banjo.

Willowbrook - The Infantile Pliancy CDR on Smell The Stench

Spaceless sweeps of charred drone smoldering with the heat of harsh. Bask in the warmth of ambient, revel in the tufted language of the other side. Heart goes black. The lungs of Morpheus fill again. Breathe the ashes. Distorted waves of solitude wash away the ancient sins of creation. None shall cross. Memorex cdr containing 22 minutes of awesome housed in dvd case. Edition of 16 copies.

DEAD - Christmas - Cdr out on Spahn Records

1. I Won't Be Home For Christmas
Noisebed of harshblasted rippage under a layer of propaganda and mind control. Die with some dignity. Now we have some choice. Mother PLEASE! It will not hurt if you be quiet. Carbide Inserted Vibrator. Fucking great track.

2. Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Noise Dirge Bowel Purge epic doomed to make jam blow-out featuring DEAD-spasticwallguitar&blusterdrums George-tattereddrums&destructivekeyboard Sandy-bassinthepalce Wally-vocalsnojokels.

3. Syphilis Santa (DM Remix)
DEAD rolls out a Robitussin inspired dead-industrial war drone. Samples dropped like bombs. Lucidity gets cut with a knife. The holidays can be a motherfucker.  

Picked up from Wall of Sound

Booker T. & The MG'S - In The Christmas Spirit Reissue of 1967 LP out since 2000 on Sundazed

This' by far the most awseome Christmas Record I've picked up this year. Found it still sealed at Zions Gate. Some Seriously Jive Jukes in full stereo spread on this Groove. Booker gots his organ in full Christmas Spirit. I can't believe you don't already have this in regular rotation.  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cascades Of The Absurd: A Pacific Northwest Compilation Of Out There Acts I-V And Sometimes Puppet Shows C-21 out on Dead Accents

Tons of awesome Pacific Northwest audio oddity on this c21. Curated by Caton Ajax for Dead Accents, kudos to both parties. This is a must have. A Real treasure. Artists you already know and love, packed and stacked with quality cuts. Noteworthy note: this is the first physical release of any Pink Void material.

Pink Void a long sample from some esoteric, possibly foreign 70's film. ...I’m so panic-stricken. I know this is the end, and I've finished. I’m just sinking, sinking into this great black void. It crashes head first into some cult power-doom for a bit. Really good shit. This should have been 10 minutes longer.
irr. app. (ext.) twing-twong-twang twizzle whomp whomp womp; you know, irr. app. (ext.). Doin' it and doin' it well.
At Jennie Richie some weird experimental sounds with some sort of tabla drumming. Channeling their inner-Nurse With Wound. This is what an African themed pin-ball machine in the heart of India would sound like.
Broken Penis Orchestra Lets begin, countdown, don't worry if you can't follow everything that's said. My twat is twitching do it now FUCK ME FUCK ME! Not yet! Burps, fart, Oh God No! Puke, drum-roll, ignorance is converted to knowledge, information is free. You will listen and obey. You will remember nothing you have seen or heard here.
Red Squirrels [featuring Extraordinary Pigeons] Warbly drag'n'drone birds chirping lofi trip-hop break-beat layer cake blended mocha breve, no whip. No, make that extra whip.
Broken Penis Orchestra doles out some 5-star BPO. remember to kill, ah, gay, raggedy ann, horors, of evil, that's no good, FUCK YOU I've been on a UFO, pot is a better drug than alcohol, I had a great time doing drugs. raggedy ann. this is cool. ok. we can cut the beginning off.
Ax Jxnnee Rxchee gives us a softly buzzing smooth drone pad, answered by a brief lull, a cock crow and then some heavy stereo weirdness. All threads pull through at the end. Not sure: Ax Jxnnee Rxchee isn't the straight-edge alter-ego of At Jennie Richie, but what would that have anything to do with anything anyways.
irr. app. (ext.) lavish twinkly drones crescendo & meet bowling alley ambiance.
Pink Void gots some dial-tone drone? Maybe, I can hardly remember what telephones used to sound like anymore. Darker. Brooding black ambient. Creeper me out horror or tense situation sample. Timbers are shivered.
Red Squirrels a song like lullaby played with some sort of hurdy instrument accompanied by reverberated vocal. It's called The Good Night Song. Gordon Lightfoot, eat your heart out.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Corpse Candle - Don't Kill The Messenger C48 out now on Lighten Up Sounds

Corpse Candle, Detroit native, currently London based, has delivered Don't Kill The Messenger through US label Lighten Up Sounds. This is only the 2nd release, by artist Robert Meldrum, I've gotten my hands on, but I'm definitely digging this Corpse Candle project. Twisted up gnarly sounds. Harsh sputters, collapsing drones, savage winds, ripple-whipping the crust-cutter. Rivers of distortion rage into a demonic pit of charred feedback laced with tons of delay and echo. Down pitched vocals of the damned. Spooky gutter death electronics. Don't Kill The Messenger is something you'd be caught dead listening to.
Translucent green tape, sticker on one side. The back of the case is painted green on the inside, and they did a fine job. No, seriously. I'm looking for a reason to blither, but can find none. It's not flaking or easily scratched when abused. Jcard is thick black card-stock w/white print. Hand number /50 copies. It's a keeper.

Some links:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

BH-36.66 apt j(ext)ie irrchie - Night Wearing Feathers / Sunshine Bus Rider LP + 2xC33 + 2x artprint boxset artist edition on Black Horizons

So here's a good one. At Jennie Richie, irr. app. (ext.), and Black Horizons have teamed up again to put out a wet panty-dropper of a release. Nice & thick, sexy slick gloss box, black & gold sticker affixed with moth metamorphosis development depictions. Pair of prints, signed and numbered by the bands, postcard of the cover art. Gold on black galore. Only 66 of these, so they're hard enough to come by. The LP and one of the tapes are previously released on BH's catalog already, so really the only things specific to this box set bundle are the other tape and the rad prints. We'll just graze on that other tape for now.

For You And Telly Savalas
c33 - exclusive to BH-36.66
Cool as fuck art work. All gold print on metallic flake black. Print on every outward panel. I cant really tell what anything is but there's some aboriginal costumes and some bird-like dinosaurs maybe? Its cool stuff. Nice sleeve within a sleeve style slipcase + insert.
At Jennie Richie gets down with some serious and slightly twisted John Carpenter worship on Automatic White Syndicate Dream (Two Ladies In Japan). Watching Cartoons is almost exactly like it sounds: some wacky orchestral stuff. Keeping The Peace is an automated public service announcement, and then more orchestral haunting.
irr. app. (ext.), The Monsters Are Due On Alder Court is a total psych kraut sludge jam. Begins all smooth and easy going, floating around all atmospheric, nearly whimsical. The drum set creeps in: doing what drumsets do. Shit starts all mellowing down, there's a horses squeal and BAM! Full on Dirge-a-dellic band. irr. app. (ext.) tells the story on the insert liner notes, so I'll transcribe much of it for you and Telly Savalas.

For You And Telly Savalas

I. At Jennie Richie - Automatic White
Syndicate Dream (Two Ladies In Japan) /
Watching Cartoons, Keeping The Peace

Happiness: Tapes, Contact Mic'd Chair
and Table, Effects.
Forever: Synths, Horns, Effects.
Leslie Nichols-Rage: Bass
wm.Rage: Drums

Recorded Live 1963, at The grassy Knoll,
Dallas Texas. Thanks To Everyone.

II. irr. app. (ext) - The Monsters Are Due
On Alder Court

In the summer of 2012 I invited my sister to
visit on the vague premise of "getting her
opinion on something", when she arrived I
handed her a guitar and forced her to play it,
which was something she had never
attempted to do before. At first I had her
play to a rhythm track I had created earlier
by using one of her dogs as a hand drum,
then I switched her to a long track played
on a conventional drum kit. After several
runs using a variety of effects settings I
switched her to an electric bass and we
started the process over again. This is the
second track resulting from those sessions
-- mostly using the drum kit recordings, but
a little modified extract of the dog drumming
makes an appearance in the middle
section. Big thanks to my sis, who took up
the challenge with enthusiasm and
unleashed her own brand of rock 'n
roll armageddon

Tracy Waldron: all electric guitars and
Teddy the Pomeranian: body drum and
unbridled savagery
Lucy the Chihuahua squeaks, whines and
spastic tremblation
M.S. Waldrom: the rest of it

"Dedicated to TELLY SAVALAS who killed
himself in the name of television through
successful acts of self promotion".

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blsphm / Gezoleen / Hadals / Knoll - 4way cs - Tapes of a Neon God

BLSPHM a bedroom recording of darke harshend blackmetal blasted at the speed of grindcore with searing insane vocal hate. Its a superfast blur of drum+guitar-noise over buried throat abuse.  Near the 6ix minute mark, it turns into a chill drone piece. Perfect gateway to the next artist. 

Gezoleen Synth buzz& turntable or microphone bump looped with shining pads hovering above. Creates a nice dimensional textured rhythm with no gaps or empty spaces yet plenty of head & breathing room. Suddenly jarred by a flip in the script. VOCALS like that of a poor-man's Jerry Cantrell or Ardent Vein boom in with an old school Type-o-Negative kind of feel. The music totally changed as well, but there are some familiar elements like the looped mic bump but with some distorted guitar or bass and a low bit resolution effect somewhere in there. The music sounds completely interesting but the vocals killed my boner for awesomeness.

Hadals seep in from nothing. A massive kick gongs out, exploding exponentially, rolling thunderous grimy distorted ripples, asserting superiority and commanding respect from every corner of the universe. Wet & hostile, end of the world wall type shit. Gives way to an epic cool down featuring hiss and soft shimmery crystal goblet drones. Earthy and mystical. Comparatively the most ambient thing ever. Slowly fades back into nothing... Eventually another song begins, or so it seems. No, this is just some more, thick & bad-ass death-industrial end of the world wall type shit. Hadals giving you exactly what you want. 

Knoll kicks it off with a lo-fi sample and dives right into some harsh noise jams. Distortion and Delay pedal does most of the work on what sounds like a possible open room recording. The slightly lossy recording quality may be my imagination. Dude must have a bass guitar maybe? not sure. Sounds like he had a blast playing this stuff. I can find like zero info on this project other than his name, Kevin Wright, Birmingham AL. Plenty of distorted-delay/loop grooves that dont stick long enough to play out their welcome. Bang yer head. I'm bangin' mine. Let me know if you find any other Knoll recordings k?