Saturday, April 26, 2014

Burial Ground - Dedicated to Mario Bava 4xC64 on Crystal Lakes Tapes

Burial Ground, the heavyweight champion of Horror Noise Wall has gracefully paid tribute to a truly great influence here. This thing turned into a classic the day it was put out. The aesthetic of the black and white golden era movie creates a highly appealing throwback to a time when classy films inspired and stimulated audiences' imagination like no other medium. The nostalgic scary movie fonts are so enticing, you can't help but succumb to the urge to overindulge on a 4 hour HNW 8-way feature bender. It's not a small task to turn out a good Harsh Noise Wall tape. Just to cross the finish line is an admirable affair, but there is another thing to be said for a release that fires on all cylinders in such a way where the art work, packaging, dubbing quality, print material composition, theme, and content come together in a way that delivers a fabricated relic worth blithering about. Burial Ground is obviously a man of the craft.

The Dedicated to Mario Bava set is a gem. These tapes are dubbed on white normal bias cassettes. They're crisp and hot slabs of blistering static clocking in at +3dB. Each side previews some choice morsels before exploding in sheer terror texture for the complete duration. The case is a durable black jobber with a genuine pleatheresque reinforcement on the spine. Edition of 24.

Two copies of this sticker, so you can stick one and keep the other for the release insert.

Mario Bava (1914-1980) R.I.P.  

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