Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cascades Of The Absurd: A Pacific Northwest Compilation Of Out There Acts I-V And Sometimes Puppet Shows C-21 out on Dead Accents

Tons of awesome Pacific Northwest audio oddity on this c21. Curated by Caton Ajax for Dead Accents, kudos to both parties. This is a must have. A Real treasure. Artists you already know and love, packed and stacked with quality cuts. Noteworthy note: this is the first physical release of any Pink Void material.

Pink Void a long sample from some esoteric, possibly foreign 70's film. ...I’m so panic-stricken. I know this is the end, and I've finished. I’m just sinking, sinking into this great black void. It crashes head first into some cult power-doom for a bit. Really good shit. This should have been 10 minutes longer.
irr. app. (ext.) twing-twong-twang twizzle whomp whomp womp; you know, irr. app. (ext.). Doin' it and doin' it well.
At Jennie Richie some weird experimental sounds with some sort of tabla drumming. Channeling their inner-Nurse With Wound. This is what an African themed pin-ball machine in the heart of India would sound like.
Broken Penis Orchestra Lets begin, countdown, don't worry if you can't follow everything that's said. My twat is twitching do it now FUCK ME FUCK ME! Not yet! Burps, fart, Oh God No! Puke, drum-roll, ignorance is converted to knowledge, information is free. You will listen and obey. You will remember nothing you have seen or heard here.
Red Squirrels [featuring Extraordinary Pigeons] Warbly drag'n'drone birds chirping lofi trip-hop break-beat layer cake blended mocha breve, no whip. No, make that extra whip.
Broken Penis Orchestra doles out some 5-star BPO. remember to kill, ah, gay, raggedy ann, horors, of evil, that's no good, FUCK YOU I've been on a UFO, pot is a better drug than alcohol, I had a great time doing drugs. raggedy ann. this is cool. ok. we can cut the beginning off.
Ax Jxnnee Rxchee gives us a softly buzzing smooth drone pad, answered by a brief lull, a cock crow and then some heavy stereo weirdness. All threads pull through at the end. Not sure: Ax Jxnnee Rxchee isn't the straight-edge alter-ego of At Jennie Richie, but what would that have anything to do with anything anyways.
irr. app. (ext.) lavish twinkly drones crescendo & meet bowling alley ambiance.
Pink Void gots some dial-tone drone? Maybe, I can hardly remember what telephones used to sound like anymore. Darker. Brooding black ambient. Creeper me out horror or tense situation sample. Timbers are shivered.
Red Squirrels a song like lullaby played with some sort of hurdy instrument accompanied by reverberated vocal. It's called The Good Night Song. Gordon Lightfoot, eat your heart out.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Corpse Candle - Don't Kill The Messenger C48 out now on Lighten Up Sounds

Corpse Candle, Detroit native, currently London based, has delivered Don't Kill The Messenger through US label Lighten Up Sounds. This is only the 2nd release, by artist Robert Meldrum, I've gotten my hands on, but I'm definitely digging this Corpse Candle project. Twisted up gnarly sounds. Harsh sputters, collapsing drones, savage winds, ripple-whipping the crust-cutter. Rivers of distortion rage into a demonic pit of charred feedback laced with tons of delay and echo. Down pitched vocals of the damned. Spooky gutter death electronics. Don't Kill The Messenger is something you'd be caught dead listening to.
Translucent green tape, sticker on one side. The back of the case is painted green on the inside, and they did a fine job. No, seriously. I'm looking for a reason to blither, but can find none. It's not flaking or easily scratched when abused. Jcard is thick black card-stock w/white print. Hand number /50 copies. It's a keeper.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

BH-36.66 apt j(ext)ie irrchie - Night Wearing Feathers / Sunshine Bus Rider LP + 2xC33 + 2x artprint boxset artist edition on Black Horizons

So here's a good one. At Jennie Richie, irr. app. (ext.), and Black Horizons have teamed up again to put out a wet panty-dropper of a release. Nice & thick, sexy slick gloss box, black & gold sticker affixed with moth metamorphosis development depictions. Pair of prints, signed and numbered by the bands, postcard of the cover art. Gold on black galore. Only 66 of these, so they're hard enough to come by. The LP and one of the tapes are previously released on BH's catalog already, so really the only things specific to this box set bundle are the other tape and the rad prints. We'll just graze on that other tape for now.

For You And Telly Savalas
c33 - exclusive to BH-36.66
Cool as fuck art work. All gold print on metallic flake black. Print on every outward panel. I cant really tell what anything is but there's some aboriginal costumes and some bird-like dinosaurs maybe? Its cool stuff. Nice sleeve within a sleeve style slipcase + insert.
At Jennie Richie gets down with some serious and slightly twisted John Carpenter worship on Automatic White Syndicate Dream (Two Ladies In Japan). Watching Cartoons is almost exactly like it sounds: some wacky orchestral stuff. Keeping The Peace is an automated public service announcement, and then more orchestral haunting.
irr. app. (ext.), The Monsters Are Due On Alder Court is a total psych kraut sludge jam. Begins all smooth and easy going, floating around all atmospheric, nearly whimsical. The drum set creeps in: doing what drumsets do. Shit starts all mellowing down, there's a horses squeal and BAM! Full on Dirge-a-dellic band. irr. app. (ext.) tells the story on the insert liner notes, so I'll transcribe much of it for you and Telly Savalas.

For You And Telly Savalas

I. At Jennie Richie - Automatic White
Syndicate Dream (Two Ladies In Japan) /
Watching Cartoons, Keeping The Peace

Happiness: Tapes, Contact Mic'd Chair
and Table, Effects.
Forever: Synths, Horns, Effects.
Leslie Nichols-Rage: Bass
wm.Rage: Drums

Recorded Live 1963, at The grassy Knoll,
Dallas Texas. Thanks To Everyone.

II. irr. app. (ext) - The Monsters Are Due
On Alder Court

In the summer of 2012 I invited my sister to
visit on the vague premise of "getting her
opinion on something", when she arrived I
handed her a guitar and forced her to play it,
which was something she had never
attempted to do before. At first I had her
play to a rhythm track I had created earlier
by using one of her dogs as a hand drum,
then I switched her to a long track played
on a conventional drum kit. After several
runs using a variety of effects settings I
switched her to an electric bass and we
started the process over again. This is the
second track resulting from those sessions
-- mostly using the drum kit recordings, but
a little modified extract of the dog drumming
makes an appearance in the middle
section. Big thanks to my sis, who took up
the challenge with enthusiasm and
unleashed her own brand of rock 'n
roll armageddon

Tracy Waldron: all electric guitars and
Teddy the Pomeranian: body drum and
unbridled savagery
Lucy the Chihuahua squeaks, whines and
spastic tremblation
M.S. Waldrom: the rest of it

"Dedicated to TELLY SAVALAS who killed
himself in the name of television through
successful acts of self promotion".