Friday, August 31, 2012

Wyrm - Gnothi Seauton C20 on PsychForm Records 2007

Wyrm this time around was Allan Zane and Bruce La Fountain.
Ambient drone pads, lo-fi nature sounds, rattles, baby cries, modulated vocals. Pretty boring minimalist shit. I think one of these tracks is supposed to be a minimalist mix, or abstract cover of a Psychic T.V. song. I don't know. I can't get into it. I tried. It doesn't sound particularly bad besides the low master levels, but it'll be here in my trade-pile waiting for you; needer of major boring shit.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reptile Worship - Obeisance C30 on Nictitating

To understand Reptile Worship and their ideology, you must first be familiar with the books of David Icke, or at least have a basic understanding of the reptilian bloodlines that have been controlling and enslaving the human race since forever. Or whatever; it's not really necessary to dig on this tape.
A sample of a woman describing some sort of surgery she underwent where they implanted something behind her eye. She overheard them saying "No one, in a medical check-up, would think of looking behind the eye." Mechanical wench ratchets chains and low rhythmical drones are lulling. The suspense sprawls across death-industrial factory floors. Sparks flying, grinding torture surely awaits. Levels knee-deep in red. The machine Churns onward.
B side gets a little more cosmic with the synthetic drones and blown low-end portal opening loop. The Manson girls are sampled, chanting something witchy for an intro to the next more harsh and ominous tonal squall through Satan's lair. Magnificent artwork of an alligator reptile with a key in one hand, a flogger in the other. Printed on heavy stock, there's also an exceptional image of reptile handa performing the eye surgery. The recording is crystal clear. The tape looks and sounds amazing. You can fetch one from Crucial Blast if you act fast.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BONESFIELD - FACIALMESS "Sabatoge" out on Phage Tapes

First off, this looks killer. Custom die-cut & 2-color all-over screened folding cardboard box houses orange tape with detailed imprint. Orange and black paint look awesome on the natural cardstock color. Nice. Tight. Durable. Phage Tapes pulls no punches. Neither does Facialmess. Blasting harsh bursts of the goods. Dead stop. Reverb. Blasting dynamic layers of freq feedback. Dead stop: sample. Blast, blast blast, stutter blast. Chop it up, whip it out, put the screws to it. Sample it, pull it's hair, wall it up, cut off its ear. Facialmess has his way with the noise and wouldn't even think of buying it a drink or kissing it goodnight. Broken-Headboard Whiplash-Glitch. +3 in the red. Would be lame to learn that this laptop noise, so we wont go there.
Bonesfield side is pretty much the same basic stuff, just a little more brutal. Thicker, longer blasts of harsh sweeping necessity. Less samples. Effect heavy. Processed signal overload. Glitched & stuttered in every direction. It's like the V-snares of HN up in here. This is a lot to take in. Again, hope it's not, laptop noise, cause that would take the fun out of it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Striations - Piss, blood, hypnosis

Striations: junk-metal vocal PE noise from California. Cool packaging with collage and even a small zine thing , however, the tape is spray-painted white, on the leaders to boot. Not putting this in my nice-ass tape-deck. Good effort though. Trade pile.

Monday, August 27, 2012

DEPTHS - self titled cassette out on Dead Medium Tapes

This is a Tape I picked up like a year ago. Since today was going to be one of those sunny/hot ass days, I needed the right soundtrack for it. This was the first tape that came to mind due to how awesome it is to roll around it on summer days dressed in black, jamming the fuck out of it .This cool youtube some guy made about it doing just that i guess (he says he's playing side A, but it's really the first track on side B). This is Black Metal. Not the schtickly BM yer thinkin about, but the real shit. & it's from Texas. Not that I'm the biggest Black Metal head on the block, but I know what I likes. The riffs seem to hit all the right spots in my head. It like I'm listening to a band I used to play in. Like an old hat. It all fits just right. Depths have depth. From eerie ambient to blistering fast wall-of-hate hatched from stoner-doom love. Even some freak-out spazz. The vocals, drums, bass stuff and guitar are all kick-ass. The recording sucks, but we'd have it no other way. The guy on youtube says Depths once opened for Inquisition and are currently in hiding. Word. 6-panel J-card, Dead Medium doesn't fuck around. Hit em up and see if they has copies.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hadals out now on Worthless Recordings

Tape starts out with a Hip-Hop intro. Back-up back-up! 20-12! Shout-out to my boy Ray-Ray! Some guy all sounding like Swedish rapper, Atmosphere; before you can say WTF!?, the noise drops. All up in yer ear with highs and lows. High rpm power tool revolution and low-low nightmare bass. Gets the groove, build ups  and then smooths. Rumbling crunch, rhythmical squeal. bass hum & done. This must be a C10. I'm into it.
B side is even better. Shit's unreal how bad ass this sounds. Crashing waves of cascading Death-Industrial goodness. Fucking wet. High on this. Tape outs with a phat beat and some cutting it up on the 1's & 2's which can only mean one thing, these guys rule. Worthless puts together a nice looking tape. Gold motif is pretty neat. The levels have their fingers and toes in the red. We like it hot. Hadals have a couple other tapes out. Ima go hunt em up. See ya.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DRIED UP CORPSE / BLSPHM split out on Husk Records

DRIED UP CORPSE / BLSPHM split out on Husk Records

Dried Up Corpse is a little side project from one of the dudes in Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. DUC always delivers the thick slabs of harsh-as-fuck wall noise, and here we have another wall of brutal chaos boiled down to its essence. "Death Moves Quietly" This 15 minute track is easy for a heavy wall fan to digest. Super low end rumble gets your rear-view mirror on vibrate; no subs required. Up the volume. Churn & burn. The signal's fairly low on the right side, like 10dB lower. Sucks, but I'm over it. Aint bummin me out much. When the track is done, the silence at the end isn't really all that silent. Turn it up loud enough, the tape hiss sounds like the end of a record, left on 33rpm, spinning 'til infinity, slowly eroding the needle. Not sure if its a bi-product of the cassette production or if just maybe its the bleakest DUC outro ever... The Blsphm side ends in the same fashion. Must be me. Crank it either way.
Blsphm is a newer side project from one of the dudes in Great Falls. He also happens to write reviews, just like, if not much better than the one you're reading now. Y'ever heard of Devdformats? Check it out fer sure. "The Devil" is a bleak sounding wall of static in waves and... Rather sickly sounding. Really it just sounds like the high & low frequencies got sucked out; probly in some haphazard compressive mp3 file sending or what-have you. Hate to say that I think the recording sucks, but it sorta does. I guess "I get it", if it's supposed to be some sort of wall-noise take on bedroom black metal or something, but I just picture in my head: pulling/stretching taffy over miles of gravel road. Not sure why that is. I haven't given up on Blsphm yet, I've heard great things about the live setting, and I'm sure there'll be more tapes floating around, and we'll be eating em up.
Husk Records did a nice job here. Dig the inverted cross logos for side A&B. The artwork is cool, probly designed by Blsphm. White shells are a nice touch. Hails.