Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reptile Worship - Obeisance C30 on Nictitating

To understand Reptile Worship and their ideology, you must first be familiar with the books of David Icke, or at least have a basic understanding of the reptilian bloodlines that have been controlling and enslaving the human race since forever. Or whatever; it's not really necessary to dig on this tape.
A sample of a woman describing some sort of surgery she underwent where they implanted something behind her eye. She overheard them saying "No one, in a medical check-up, would think of looking behind the eye." Mechanical wench ratchets chains and low rhythmical drones are lulling. The suspense sprawls across death-industrial factory floors. Sparks flying, grinding torture surely awaits. Levels knee-deep in red. The machine Churns onward.
B side gets a little more cosmic with the synthetic drones and blown low-end portal opening loop. The Manson girls are sampled, chanting something witchy for an intro to the next more harsh and ominous tonal squall through Satan's lair. Magnificent artwork of an alligator reptile with a key in one hand, a flogger in the other. Printed on heavy stock, there's also an exceptional image of reptile handa performing the eye surgery. The recording is crystal clear. The tape looks and sounds amazing. You can fetch one from Crucial Blast if you act fast.

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  1. Love this release. So glad i was able to find some local Milwaukee noise. Your review is spot on. Top Notch Stuff!