Sunday, April 27, 2014

...Wind Swept Plains... - Songs for Melting Lovers Volume I C12 #3 on American Outsider

This tape looks pretty DIY so I had to pick it up from Wall of Sound. WSP... It was most like hand made by Chad Allen, himself. You may remember him from such bands as: Forrest Friends, Gods Among Men, Tundra, Hellgrammite, Stalebirth, and his solo one-man meltdownings ...Wind Swept Planes...

This a weird tape all wrapped up in Reynolds Wrap, labeled with red duct tape and includes a lil extra blingy glass tile with abstract candy-coated color. Only ten copies.
its got two sides:
Nest of Vipers got me all shook up
gralling nalling gnullling charlinng. Crouching blueser hidden rag. Abstract dobro riffs, mangleoid lyrical blithering. Get your groater runnin' like a didgeridoo on hullabaloo.
Its Quiet in the Closet
Ewoking hippictain whoowaakka trove thickets. A 19th century Latin-Asian love story unfolds twicklig twaing acousta gutter guitar serenade folkery. Blugerlized inner throat & gitis culture on the fridge.

Thanks Be to you!

Nar / Hearse Fetish ‎– Split C40

This is my first Nar tape. There's no label putting their name on this, so I guess one of the bands must have dubbed these off in their basement. In any event, they look great. Salivating at the thought of the tasty slabs within. It was billed as some Harsh Noise HNW so I figured I'd have to check it out. It looks great, I cant wait to get in it and see what it is.
Nar - Xerox Obsession. Popped this tape in and it must be some kind of instant start cassette cause it was completely rewound but the track started immediately. Nice new white shells with expertly printed labels contain white hot searing & rumbling +3dB red crackling HNW tracks. Scuttered chirples flippant upper valve high boiling pressure plate on a heavy bed of bottomed out scorch on the lown ends. Vastly unchanging tattered and deep fried, pure wind-torn pedal crazy distortion worship.

Hearse Fetish - Skin-Grafted Home [Eternally Occupied]. A light layer of sucked out static breaks into a HNW chamber chassis. Slowly the elements are stripped away one at-a-time to reveal the man behind the curtain. Awkward and unsettled, naked and afraid. Hearse Fetish quickly becomes tired of the status quo HNW and pulls out some stops. Pulls some strings, makes the puppet dance. The truth is not always the way you wish it to be, but sometimes the truth can set you free. The walls are coaxed into waves and viaducts. Bring it up, tare it down. Lash it with your belt. Do-si-do harsh wall on wall knobby troggle. More character develops as the story unfolds. Twisted nipples, crossed lines. There is no undoing what has been done, there is no knowing what is to come. Boys will be boys, let them play with their toys.
Slick print jobs on the J cards. Liner notes says "Thanks To No One But Ourselves"

Pent Up Release: PURcs020 PRISONFOOD / Wet Trash - The Booblicker

Pent Up Release: PURcs020 PRISONFOOD / Wet Trash - The Booblicker: PRISONFOOD / Wet Trash - The Booblicker C33 PURcs020 Edition of 20.

Pent Up Release: PURcs021 PRISONFOOD - ??????????????? C11

Pent Up Release: PURcs021 PRISONFOOD - ??????????????? C11: PRISONFOOD - ??????????????? C11 PURcs021 Edition of 12

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Burial Ground - Dedicated to Mario Bava 4xC64 on Crystal Lakes Tapes

Burial Ground, the heavyweight champion of Horror Noise Wall has gracefully paid tribute to a truly great influence here. This thing turned into a classic the day it was put out. The aesthetic of the black and white golden era movie creates a highly appealing throwback to a time when classy films inspired and stimulated audiences' imagination like no other medium. The nostalgic scary movie fonts are so enticing, you can't help but succumb to the urge to overindulge on a 4 hour HNW 8-way feature bender. It's not a small task to turn out a good Harsh Noise Wall tape. Just to cross the finish line is an admirable affair, but there is another thing to be said for a release that fires on all cylinders in such a way where the art work, packaging, dubbing quality, print material composition, theme, and content come together in a way that delivers a fabricated relic worth blithering about. Burial Ground is obviously a man of the craft.

The Dedicated to Mario Bava set is a gem. These tapes are dubbed on white normal bias cassettes. They're crisp and hot slabs of blistering static clocking in at +3dB. Each side previews some choice morsels before exploding in sheer terror texture for the complete duration. The case is a durable black jobber with a genuine pleatheresque reinforcement on the spine. Edition of 24.

Two copies of this sticker, so you can stick one and keep the other for the release insert.

Mario Bava (1914-1980) R.I.P.  

Suicide Wreckage - Recycled Tape

Hello this is Pat Robertson... instantly plunged into harsh twisted territory. Power Electronics. Squirming distortions, laboured vocal rants huffing and puffing out your chest.
Windsock vibration. Underpass tunnel traffic 60mph Souring feedbacks stirring over lonesome muttering. Glass escalator. Timid approach. A new pair of glasses.
Hashed up windstorm cyclone distorted degraded wall of hurricane fuel. Under the house, metal pipes are disjoining. Alarming, localized bombing, wake the fuck up carnage out some sick & twist.
change the station...
keep going...
Oh the 700club? Yes.