Sunday, April 27, 2014

...Wind Swept Plains... - Songs for Melting Lovers Volume I C12 #3 on American Outsider

This tape looks pretty DIY so I had to pick it up from Wall of Sound. WSP... It was most like hand made by Chad Allen, himself. You may remember him from such bands as: Forrest Friends, Gods Among Men, Tundra, Hellgrammite, Stalebirth, and his solo one-man meltdownings ...Wind Swept Planes...

This a weird tape all wrapped up in Reynolds Wrap, labeled with red duct tape and includes a lil extra blingy glass tile with abstract candy-coated color. Only ten copies.
its got two sides:
Nest of Vipers got me all shook up
gralling nalling gnullling charlinng. Crouching blueser hidden rag. Abstract dobro riffs, mangleoid lyrical blithering. Get your groater runnin' like a didgeridoo on hullabaloo.
Its Quiet in the Closet
Ewoking hippictain whoowaakka trove thickets. A 19th century Latin-Asian love story unfolds twicklig twaing acousta gutter guitar serenade folkery. Blugerlized inner throat & gitis culture on the fridge.

Thanks Be to you!

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