Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Carrion Black Pit / Nascitari ‎- The Conqueror Worm - c60 out on Forever Escaping Boredom Records

This tape has an Edgar Allen Poe theme, yeah? Maybe? You can't really tell by looking or listening. It looks nice. Forever Escaping Boredom Recordings did a pretty swell job here. These may even be pro dup'd, I can't really tell. Attractive to tired and weary eyes, this tape usually gets played late. So late that I've accidentally fallen asleep the last few listens.

Carrion Black Pit - Low undulating floors of molten lava juxtaposed against the white noise-ish spewing purifier motor. Suddenly that stuff goes the fuck away and the harsh wall commences  for like 25 minutes. It's a great wall of dmp rumble and upper-end crackle, but its not all there if you know what I mean. It's got plenty of bass, but the rest is all crunch with not enough bite. Other than that one small hurdle, there's nothing standing between CBP and HWN enlightenment; or whatever it is that HWNphiles seek to obtain.

Nascitari - This intro is something right outta The Godfather soundtrack or the likes. The harsh wall drops in on cue and it feels like we're right back in the middle of the same wall from side A, but with slightly different E-Q adjustments. Just as before, the wall of distortion is stacked with plenty of what it takes to be bad fucking ass. Yet there is something to be desired; so much so, that I began playing with the controls and shaped it through my rig until it better suited my palate. Noise is fun. Thanks for the time.   

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lungwash - Swatting Hold - C22 out on Worthless Recordings

Lungwash recorded this in 2012. I've never heard any Lungwash, and this tape doesn't give all that much insight as to what this project is all about. So I'm left guessing. Grainy black & white forest scene feels pretty generic at this point. The tape labels are painted, thick, black, peeling up on the sides. No signifying marks as to which side is which. Not like it's going to matter.

Ambient walls of not so harsh distorted wind and churning 60 cycle hum buzz-drone. This could even be sourced from a live mic in the washing machine. Hard to say. Garbled. Dragged through the mud. Tarred & feathered. In all honesty, this sounds kinda shiddy, but for some odd reason, I'm sorta tracking with it. Tough to pin-point the real appeal here, it's a musty old damp rag in the corner that has been avoided for far too long. It demands attention but gets no love. Festering lumpy pile of mulch. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out this was recorded entirely in the kitchen, doing chores and boiling water for tea while utilizing contacts mics and RF frequency static.

This stuff actually reminds me of some Zionist tapes. It's got that whole simplistic, lo-fi, field-recording-wall thing going for it. I wouldn't personally recommend this tape to any harsh noise heads, but I'd let my academia noise fiends, with slight gutter appeal, have at it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great Falls cd MMXI

Seattle's Great Falls have had a tight grip since their debut as Hemingway at the 1st Annual Splinter Squid Affair. Shane and Demain have refined and redefined their craft over the years, leaving a prolific trail of impacting live action and release crumbs. Demian's wealth of experience, from his heydays as a west coast hardcore-star, and his keenness for stark artistic design, seem to be the core of what makes Great Falls tick. Then again, Shane, drawing from his vast experiences as a writer, (think Hunter S. Thompson) might very well be what makes Great Falls so fucking great. Shane's role in the band, other than banging on his bass and shit, is ensuring an exceeded dose of spectral and physical chaos. There might even be blood. Indeed its the symbiotic-polar-opposite relationship these two share that have fueled the falls.

First thing to notice about this cd is that there's a drummer credited on the back, Phil Petrocelli. I always remember him as the drummer for Black Noise Cannon, but I think he even played drums in Swans for a bit as well. He's the one recording and producing this album, so rest assured, quality drummer at the helm, equates to quality product. After the shock of realizing that this album contains pretty much zero noise, be ready to digest some fucking music. It's not what I'd normally expect from Great Falls. This stuff takes me right back to the late 1900's when I first discovered Botch's American Nervoso album. It's tight like that. Damn I loved that album.
I'd hate to find out Great Falls did these songs live and I missed it. I'd be pissed. Seriously though. You have a soft spot for Post-Hardcore like this. Dead Accents gots copies. only $5.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

DEADBEAT - Source Tape for Deviant Behavior - c15 out on Total Fucking Filth

I've sourced it too many times to know what's what. I won't stop. Not even when I go blind. Clean sounding dub, no labeling on the clear cassette. Orgy collage artwork printed on heavy stock. It'll make yer boat float.
  • Noise sounds: dying cow moo pitchshifted down a few pegs, repeats at a slow paced rhythm. Here come the flies. Great big huge fucking flies with a low-ended hum like big, fat bumble-bees. Swarming disease. The agony of slow death. Decomposing tissue beneath sun bleached cowhide.
  • Kill HN and then w/samples: How's your bicycle seat smell; after a long ride? Golden shower? Pee on me! Pee on my chest right now. Shit on my face. Would you like to do that? I can show you a good time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Side A: Coma Centauri - The Story of Wood Acts 1, 2, 3. The guy comes on telling us: "This is the story of the most versatile of all living substances. It has held man in his cradle, it warmed his hearth, it will make him his last long home. This is the story of wood." The story turns out to be a classic tale of harsh noise. Soon as the scratchy vinyl sample drops out, there's a fast stick count and you're immediately drenched in full-throttle noise. Thick and harsh bursts of blown static mixed and layered with moments of degenerating delay decay and algorithmic squall. 2nd Act has mostly the same blown-out distorted cut-up walls of static but with a clean airy synth pad floating up above and some jacked-up knob frenzy fuckery resonated sine/pitch all up in the middle. Steady gear-shifting, but cohesive enough to keep it interesting. Act III: sample: Talking about how the metamorphosis of Dr. Jekyyl in Mr Hyde is void of all good; the embodiment of evil. Evil. Yeah I guess this is a pretty evil sounding harsh ass jam. Short and sweet, maybe 45 seconds. The buried and blurred source screams kinda give it a made-for-TV-evil sort of feel. So we know its not real evil; its Hollywood evil.

Side B: Creature Feature - More Than a Monster. This is some really good Harsh Cut-up Wall. Never still or stale, there's stereo wall weirdness and dual wall manipulation. Perfect swells and grueling lulls. Tonally blown. Overload reverberation stabbed with searing breaches. Constant contact. Steady restraint. United separation. Nay a sour frequency. Crashing waves in harsh and battered seas. Creature Feature didn't throw down any old monster movie samples. Nope. They just throw down. It'd be cool if they came throw it down in my town. Let me know if you come across any more of this killer Creature Feature stuff... and no, not that emo looking band called Creature Feature. No no no no.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shattered Hymen / Hate Basement / Hadals / Fantasy Island - 4way split cs out on TOANG

Split out on Tapes of a Neon God
Masochistic artwork with translucent red cassette tape. These tracks are an ideal length, not too anything.
Shattered Hymen is our introduction to this loaded split. His track "Gay Scene" comes on full boar kitchen sink wall. A mountain of hate and junk noise dropping pianos, breaking glass, mowing the yard in the rain. Blustering discordance. Spitting out teeth. Choking on your own rage to the soothing sounds of a wind blown Dictaphone. Turn up the bass, hot or go home. Be glad knowing this is the first track, they all get better from here.
Hate Basement drops some guitar hits like gongs for the first minute of  "Semenalized Quim" before bringing it. Creeping in the deep down and dirty harshest of harsh walls. The guitar thing passes and gives way to the complete supremacy of all that which can attain harsh stature as this. This growing mass envelops and spins you up like Gravitron. Static tendrils flung into oblivion while you wait trapped in the vortex. Just when it gets to be too mind ripping: squeal like a pig and its done. Fuck. Its damn good. I could live without the intro all together, but that harsh tone is to die for. Brutal Brutes. This might be the new heavyweight contender shit.
Hadals - "Swaddled in Bape" begins with a new age medicinal synthscape from the twilight-zone with just a tinge of blistering overdrive. This evolves into more complex mix of thick pitched ear tweezing. An array of tonal layering manipulation. Is it alive? Does it breathe? Frantic unrest; blood pressure rising. Scattered bursts of lunatic screams beneath walls of static dismay right up to the breaking point. And then chill. A calming drone. Quiet, deep. Relaxed. Before you know it, you're swept back into the madness that which you have become attune. Only this time its in focus. It's slower. You understand. You're one with the dark side. This might also be a protest song against urban clothing. I dunno.
Fantasy Island - "Chris Brown" Reborn in an intense blast of phoenix fire. It burns hot, and it burns long. Feel the fucking heat. Who do you think Chris Brown is? Huh? This is some great Harsh Noise. Fuck all the lurking hipsters. Just blistering like a motherfucker. Revs and pulls in any direction with enough horsepower to put you back in your seat. Really full tones. Above par EQing and executioning. Tender juicy crunch. Balls out FTW. See if yer mom can get some KFC on the way cause I'm hungry for more.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Broken Penis Orchestra meets At Jennie Richie - Psychform Records 2006

The complete Dick Rage Sessions Vol 1 & 2

The Broken Penis Orchestra is Dick Flick (with several martian chimps in tow)
At Jennie Richie is Happiness & Forever + Johnny Mumbles
"Dedicated Perversionists Everywhere"

This is a double c1. Side stamped: AJR1/BPO1 & BPO2/AJR2 respectively. Slickly over-sized dual tape case. Trippy collage head-fuck/face-fuck artwork. It all looks and feels nice, but damn, this is sort of extravagant packaging for four 30 second tracks. It takes longer to read the liner notes than it does to listen to the tapes, especially if you're minding the gap. But these things and more are what's in store when you get these folks all in the same room.

BPO1 Have You ever tried to loosen the screws? - This is a song about vegetables. hysterical laughing thing trumpet accordion we dont understand people with diseases of their brains, because brain chemistry trombone fair cut snip loop fragmented collage wall.
AJR1 Streetsweeper Phone (Johnny Mumbles What?) -  is an inaudible vocal loop delay trip-out flashback. "Gip g-g-g-gip, whonuhtemr" I'm not really sure what Johnny was trying to say... My best guess: "Go, whenever you're ready"
BPO2 Marble Maker Breakdown - Distorted zips & blips blast rip tink and clank, happy little western tune sneaks in, cartoon sound effects style horns over the top. Makes me wanna go jump-up&down on the bed.
AJR2 Big Black American Homosexual (drum machine mix) - Stuttered uttered vocal wall echos, a single gong rings out, deep voiced guy says "BIG DEAL", a little jazzy trumpet jive tune with too much bass and the crowd roars. There is little to no drum machine flavor up in here.

It makes me smile, just knowing these exist. Someone in Canada has a copy for sale on discogs right now.
Just sayin'