Saturday, October 20, 2012

DEADBEAT - Source Tape for Deviant Behavior - c15 out on Total Fucking Filth

I've sourced it too many times to know what's what. I won't stop. Not even when I go blind. Clean sounding dub, no labeling on the clear cassette. Orgy collage artwork printed on heavy stock. It'll make yer boat float.
  • Noise sounds: dying cow moo pitchshifted down a few pegs, repeats at a slow paced rhythm. Here come the flies. Great big huge fucking flies with a low-ended hum like big, fat bumble-bees. Swarming disease. The agony of slow death. Decomposing tissue beneath sun bleached cowhide.
  • Kill HN and then w/samples: How's your bicycle seat smell; after a long ride? Golden shower? Pee on me! Pee on my chest right now. Shit on my face. Would you like to do that? I can show you a good time.

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