Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Side A: Coma Centauri - The Story of Wood Acts 1, 2, 3. The guy comes on telling us: "This is the story of the most versatile of all living substances. It has held man in his cradle, it warmed his hearth, it will make him his last long home. This is the story of wood." The story turns out to be a classic tale of harsh noise. Soon as the scratchy vinyl sample drops out, there's a fast stick count and you're immediately drenched in full-throttle noise. Thick and harsh bursts of blown static mixed and layered with moments of degenerating delay decay and algorithmic squall. 2nd Act has mostly the same blown-out distorted cut-up walls of static but with a clean airy synth pad floating up above and some jacked-up knob frenzy fuckery resonated sine/pitch all up in the middle. Steady gear-shifting, but cohesive enough to keep it interesting. Act III: sample: Talking about how the metamorphosis of Dr. Jekyyl in Mr Hyde is void of all good; the embodiment of evil. Evil. Yeah I guess this is a pretty evil sounding harsh ass jam. Short and sweet, maybe 45 seconds. The buried and blurred source screams kinda give it a made-for-TV-evil sort of feel. So we know its not real evil; its Hollywood evil.

Side B: Creature Feature - More Than a Monster. This is some really good Harsh Cut-up Wall. Never still or stale, there's stereo wall weirdness and dual wall manipulation. Perfect swells and grueling lulls. Tonally blown. Overload reverberation stabbed with searing breaches. Constant contact. Steady restraint. United separation. Nay a sour frequency. Crashing waves in harsh and battered seas. Creature Feature didn't throw down any old monster movie samples. Nope. They just throw down. It'd be cool if they came throw it down in my town. Let me know if you come across any more of this killer Creature Feature stuff... and no, not that emo looking band called Creature Feature. No no no no.

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