Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shattered Hymen / Hate Basement / Hadals / Fantasy Island - 4way split cs out on TOANG

Split out on Tapes of a Neon God
Masochistic artwork with translucent red cassette tape. These tracks are an ideal length, not too anything.
Shattered Hymen is our introduction to this loaded split. His track "Gay Scene" comes on full boar kitchen sink wall. A mountain of hate and junk noise dropping pianos, breaking glass, mowing the yard in the rain. Blustering discordance. Spitting out teeth. Choking on your own rage to the soothing sounds of a wind blown Dictaphone. Turn up the bass, hot or go home. Be glad knowing this is the first track, they all get better from here.
Hate Basement drops some guitar hits like gongs for the first minute of  "Semenalized Quim" before bringing it. Creeping in the deep down and dirty harshest of harsh walls. The guitar thing passes and gives way to the complete supremacy of all that which can attain harsh stature as this. This growing mass envelops and spins you up like Gravitron. Static tendrils flung into oblivion while you wait trapped in the vortex. Just when it gets to be too mind ripping: squeal like a pig and its done. Fuck. Its damn good. I could live without the intro all together, but that harsh tone is to die for. Brutal Brutes. This might be the new heavyweight contender shit.
Hadals - "Swaddled in Bape" begins with a new age medicinal synthscape from the twilight-zone with just a tinge of blistering overdrive. This evolves into more complex mix of thick pitched ear tweezing. An array of tonal layering manipulation. Is it alive? Does it breathe? Frantic unrest; blood pressure rising. Scattered bursts of lunatic screams beneath walls of static dismay right up to the breaking point. And then chill. A calming drone. Quiet, deep. Relaxed. Before you know it, you're swept back into the madness that which you have become attune. Only this time its in focus. It's slower. You understand. You're one with the dark side. This might also be a protest song against urban clothing. I dunno.
Fantasy Island - "Chris Brown" Reborn in an intense blast of phoenix fire. It burns hot, and it burns long. Feel the fucking heat. Who do you think Chris Brown is? Huh? This is some great Harsh Noise. Fuck all the lurking hipsters. Just blistering like a motherfucker. Revs and pulls in any direction with enough horsepower to put you back in your seat. Really full tones. Above par EQing and executioning. Tender juicy crunch. Balls out FTW. See if yer mom can get some KFC on the way cause I'm hungry for more.

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