Monday, October 15, 2012

The Broken Penis Orchestra meets At Jennie Richie - Psychform Records 2006

The complete Dick Rage Sessions Vol 1 & 2

The Broken Penis Orchestra is Dick Flick (with several martian chimps in tow)
At Jennie Richie is Happiness & Forever + Johnny Mumbles
"Dedicated Perversionists Everywhere"

This is a double c1. Side stamped: AJR1/BPO1 & BPO2/AJR2 respectively. Slickly over-sized dual tape case. Trippy collage head-fuck/face-fuck artwork. It all looks and feels nice, but damn, this is sort of extravagant packaging for four 30 second tracks. It takes longer to read the liner notes than it does to listen to the tapes, especially if you're minding the gap. But these things and more are what's in store when you get these folks all in the same room.

BPO1 Have You ever tried to loosen the screws? - This is a song about vegetables. hysterical laughing thing trumpet accordion we dont understand people with diseases of their brains, because brain chemistry trombone fair cut snip loop fragmented collage wall.
AJR1 Streetsweeper Phone (Johnny Mumbles What?) -  is an inaudible vocal loop delay trip-out flashback. "Gip g-g-g-gip, whonuhtemr" I'm not really sure what Johnny was trying to say... My best guess: "Go, whenever you're ready"
BPO2 Marble Maker Breakdown - Distorted zips & blips blast rip tink and clank, happy little western tune sneaks in, cartoon sound effects style horns over the top. Makes me wanna go jump-up&down on the bed.
AJR2 Big Black American Homosexual (drum machine mix) - Stuttered uttered vocal wall echos, a single gong rings out, deep voiced guy says "BIG DEAL", a little jazzy trumpet jive tune with too much bass and the crowd roars. There is little to no drum machine flavor up in here.

It makes me smile, just knowing these exist. Someone in Canada has a copy for sale on discogs right now.
Just sayin'

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