Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Barracks of Afghanistan - Mother Tongue on Spaceless Jam 2007

The Barracks of Afghanistan was the solo project of a young spunk named Ben-David. His live sets were balls to the walls all-out table-core harshness. He'd wreck his whole rig if he thought it would help it sound more rad. I read somewhere that he thought the project had run its course, so I grab-up old Barracks of Afghanistan releases whenever possible. Mother Tongue is a blistering hurricane of low rumbling distortion and errant feedback topped with aggressive knob twisting. This thing is completely solid. After toying with you and churning you out full blast, the hammer drops, completely full-bore wall on wall action. Top notch. This tape really captures the intense live feel. Levels so hot, my deck is almost smoking. Sound drops out of the right channel for a minute, just before the tape is over. Perfect cool down. Side 2 is blank. I'll get over it.

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