Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great Falls cd MMXI

Seattle's Great Falls have had a tight grip since their debut as Hemingway at the 1st Annual Splinter Squid Affair. Shane and Demain have refined and redefined their craft over the years, leaving a prolific trail of impacting live action and release crumbs. Demian's wealth of experience, from his heydays as a west coast hardcore-star, and his keenness for stark artistic design, seem to be the core of what makes Great Falls tick. Then again, Shane, drawing from his vast experiences as a writer, (think Hunter S. Thompson) might very well be what makes Great Falls so fucking great. Shane's role in the band, other than banging on his bass and shit, is ensuring an exceeded dose of spectral and physical chaos. There might even be blood. Indeed its the symbiotic-polar-opposite relationship these two share that have fueled the falls.

First thing to notice about this cd is that there's a drummer credited on the back, Phil Petrocelli. I always remember him as the drummer for Black Noise Cannon, but I think he even played drums in Swans for a bit as well. He's the one recording and producing this album, so rest assured, quality drummer at the helm, equates to quality product. After the shock of realizing that this album contains pretty much zero noise, be ready to digest some fucking music. It's not what I'd normally expect from Great Falls. This stuff takes me right back to the late 1900's when I first discovered Botch's American Nervoso album. It's tight like that. Damn I loved that album.
I'd hate to find out Great Falls did these songs live and I missed it. I'd be pissed. Seriously though. You have a soft spot for Post-Hardcore like this. Dead Accents gots copies. only $5.

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