Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lungwash - Swatting Hold - C22 out on Worthless Recordings

Lungwash recorded this in 2012. I've never heard any Lungwash, and this tape doesn't give all that much insight as to what this project is all about. So I'm left guessing. Grainy black & white forest scene feels pretty generic at this point. The tape labels are painted, thick, black, peeling up on the sides. No signifying marks as to which side is which. Not like it's going to matter.

Ambient walls of not so harsh distorted wind and churning 60 cycle hum buzz-drone. This could even be sourced from a live mic in the washing machine. Hard to say. Garbled. Dragged through the mud. Tarred & feathered. In all honesty, this sounds kinda shiddy, but for some odd reason, I'm sorta tracking with it. Tough to pin-point the real appeal here, it's a musty old damp rag in the corner that has been avoided for far too long. It demands attention but gets no love. Festering lumpy pile of mulch. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out this was recorded entirely in the kitchen, doing chores and boiling water for tea while utilizing contacts mics and RF frequency static.

This stuff actually reminds me of some Zionist tapes. It's got that whole simplistic, lo-fi, field-recording-wall thing going for it. I wouldn't personally recommend this tape to any harsh noise heads, but I'd let my academia noise fiends, with slight gutter appeal, have at it.

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