Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Carrion Black Pit / Nascitari ‎- The Conqueror Worm - c60 out on Forever Escaping Boredom Records

This tape has an Edgar Allen Poe theme, yeah? Maybe? You can't really tell by looking or listening. It looks nice. Forever Escaping Boredom Recordings did a pretty swell job here. These may even be pro dup'd, I can't really tell. Attractive to tired and weary eyes, this tape usually gets played late. So late that I've accidentally fallen asleep the last few listens.

Carrion Black Pit - Low undulating floors of molten lava juxtaposed against the white noise-ish spewing purifier motor. Suddenly that stuff goes the fuck away and the harsh wall commences  for like 25 minutes. It's a great wall of dmp rumble and upper-end crackle, but its not all there if you know what I mean. It's got plenty of bass, but the rest is all crunch with not enough bite. Other than that one small hurdle, there's nothing standing between CBP and HWN enlightenment; or whatever it is that HWNphiles seek to obtain.

Nascitari - This intro is something right outta The Godfather soundtrack or the likes. The harsh wall drops in on cue and it feels like we're right back in the middle of the same wall from side A, but with slightly different E-Q adjustments. Just as before, the wall of distortion is stacked with plenty of what it takes to be bad fucking ass. Yet there is something to be desired; so much so, that I began playing with the controls and shaped it through my rig until it better suited my palate. Noise is fun. Thanks for the time.   

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