Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Broken Penis Orchestra - PlAyS WiTh ItSeLf out now on Hypnagogia

This is a 2011 re-reissue of a convoluted BPO album that was created in 1999 and originally released in the year 2000 by PsychoChrist Productions. There's a bonus Broken Penis Orchestra track at the end, taken from a Comp titled "The Bone Tickling Nightmare Pig", released in 2004 by PsychoChrist.

Cut-up fragmented overload. A million bits of music, noise, samples, errant sound effects, and weird recordings blended, looped, and layered into a quilted sound collage. Rainbow stew for ADHD stricken ears. An opus of freakishly stitched-together chunks and morsels of pure audiophilliac indulgence. There's a ton of great listening to be had on here. The longer, more drawn out segments make it easier to digest the barrage of micro-snippets and disorienting deluge of multi-genre mash-ups. Burying the needle both ways. The cuts are about as seamless as you could hope for. The cerebral stimulation levels are off the charts. A lot of ground gets covered on here. There's hardly time to extrapolate the intent or meaning behind the sounds without getting lost in the swifter currents of progressive motion. This is a timeless classic. Highly recommended to fans and even non-fans of music, noise, and everything in between.   

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