Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This beautifully crafted dual 7" is the elegant companion release that dropped a few months post the PURE HARSH NOISE WORSHIP event held in Portland Oregon in the Summer of 2012. This release will serve as a point of reference, a marker in time, commemorating one of the greatest west coast noise feats of 2012 and won't likely be leaving my collection any time soon.

HHL - Astral Incursion is a hailstorm of high-gain crackle that rides a full blown deep static groove. HHL was a no-show at PHNW; most likely due to the recent relocation from pdx to Tennessee.
OKHA - Universal Restitution (Live @ Baltigate 2011) features medium-high low frequency oscillations over a searing bedrock of harsh shrill. This is a live recording and it shows. This track isn't nearly as sonically sock-offing as his live set at PHNW 2012.

OSCILLATING INNARDS - Suspended In Vanity feels like a slow burning dig through the ruins of a Fukushima wasteland. Oscillating Innards did not perform at PHNW unless you count the Black Air collab set between Sam (Rita) and Gordon that kicked off the fest.
REDNECK - Faceless is an ultimate surge of a pure harsh noise geyser that erupts with full fury. Redneck pulled out a ripper set of harsh-wall smearing-shit-on-a-dead-stare face at PHNW. Pure. Harsh. Noise. Worship.

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