Friday, November 23, 2012

COMPACTOR - Desensitization Reprocessing C32 out now on Out-Of-Body Recordings

COMPACTOR is the glitch-bent live-PA industrial-beat brainchild of Derek Rush. Never quite crossing over into breakcore territory, these tracks pack a quick pulse and some breakneck transitions. Heavily treated sequenced drumbeat patters don't usually qualify as noise, but COMPACTOR shows us that, with enough distortion, even crappy drum-machine patches sound fucking great. Crunchy kicks and filthy fuzz as fuck. 3 tracks per side. The recordings are totally pro. Nice levels. Crystal clear, this shit ain't been stepped on. No vocals. No turds. Hey DJ; get this heard on the killer PA at your local goth club.

You can get it from Out of Body Records and keep an eye of for their future COMPACTOR VHS release.

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