Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BONESFIELD - FACIALMESS "Sabatoge" out on Phage Tapes

First off, this looks killer. Custom die-cut & 2-color all-over screened folding cardboard box houses orange tape with detailed imprint. Orange and black paint look awesome on the natural cardstock color. Nice. Tight. Durable. Phage Tapes pulls no punches. Neither does Facialmess. Blasting harsh bursts of the goods. Dead stop. Reverb. Blasting dynamic layers of freq feedback. Dead stop: sample. Blast, blast blast, stutter blast. Chop it up, whip it out, put the screws to it. Sample it, pull it's hair, wall it up, cut off its ear. Facialmess has his way with the noise and wouldn't even think of buying it a drink or kissing it goodnight. Broken-Headboard Whiplash-Glitch. +3 in the red. Would be lame to learn that this laptop noise, so we wont go there.
Bonesfield side is pretty much the same basic stuff, just a little more brutal. Thicker, longer blasts of harsh sweeping necessity. Less samples. Effect heavy. Processed signal overload. Glitched & stuttered in every direction. It's like the V-snares of HN up in here. This is a lot to take in. Again, hope it's not, laptop noise, cause that would take the fun out of it.

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