Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hadals out now on Worthless Recordings

Tape starts out with a Hip-Hop intro. Back-up back-up! 20-12! Shout-out to my boy Ray-Ray! Some guy all sounding like Swedish rapper, Atmosphere; before you can say WTF!?, the noise drops. All up in yer ear with highs and lows. High rpm power tool revolution and low-low nightmare bass. Gets the groove, build ups  and then smooths. Rumbling crunch, rhythmical squeal. bass hum & done. This must be a C10. I'm into it.
B side is even better. Shit's unreal how bad ass this sounds. Crashing waves of cascading Death-Industrial goodness. Fucking wet. High on this. Tape outs with a phat beat and some cutting it up on the 1's & 2's which can only mean one thing, these guys rule. Worthless puts together a nice looking tape. Gold motif is pretty neat. The levels have their fingers and toes in the red. We like it hot. Hadals have a couple other tapes out. Ima go hunt em up. See ya.

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