Monday, August 27, 2012

DEPTHS - self titled cassette out on Dead Medium Tapes

This is a Tape I picked up like a year ago. Since today was going to be one of those sunny/hot ass days, I needed the right soundtrack for it. This was the first tape that came to mind due to how awesome it is to roll around it on summer days dressed in black, jamming the fuck out of it .This cool youtube some guy made about it doing just that i guess (he says he's playing side A, but it's really the first track on side B). This is Black Metal. Not the schtickly BM yer thinkin about, but the real shit. & it's from Texas. Not that I'm the biggest Black Metal head on the block, but I know what I likes. The riffs seem to hit all the right spots in my head. It like I'm listening to a band I used to play in. Like an old hat. It all fits just right. Depths have depth. From eerie ambient to blistering fast wall-of-hate hatched from stoner-doom love. Even some freak-out spazz. The vocals, drums, bass stuff and guitar are all kick-ass. The recording sucks, but we'd have it no other way. The guy on youtube says Depths once opened for Inquisition and are currently in hiding. Word. 6-panel J-card, Dead Medium doesn't fuck around. Hit em up and see if they has copies.

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