Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cascades Of The Absurd: A Pacific Northwest Compilation Of Out There Acts I-V And Sometimes Puppet Shows C-21 out on Dead Accents

Tons of awesome Pacific Northwest audio oddity on this c21. Curated by Caton Ajax for Dead Accents, kudos to both parties. This is a must have. A Real treasure. Artists you already know and love, packed and stacked with quality cuts. Noteworthy note: this is the first physical release of any Pink Void material.

Pink Void a long sample from some esoteric, possibly foreign 70's film. ...I’m so panic-stricken. I know this is the end, and I've finished. I’m just sinking, sinking into this great black void. It crashes head first into some cult power-doom for a bit. Really good shit. This should have been 10 minutes longer.
irr. app. (ext.) twing-twong-twang twizzle whomp whomp womp; you know, irr. app. (ext.). Doin' it and doin' it well.
At Jennie Richie some weird experimental sounds with some sort of tabla drumming. Channeling their inner-Nurse With Wound. This is what an African themed pin-ball machine in the heart of India would sound like.
Broken Penis Orchestra Lets begin, countdown, don't worry if you can't follow everything that's said. My twat is twitching do it now FUCK ME FUCK ME! Not yet! Burps, fart, Oh God No! Puke, drum-roll, ignorance is converted to knowledge, information is free. You will listen and obey. You will remember nothing you have seen or heard here.
Red Squirrels [featuring Extraordinary Pigeons] Warbly drag'n'drone birds chirping lofi trip-hop break-beat layer cake blended mocha breve, no whip. No, make that extra whip.
Broken Penis Orchestra doles out some 5-star BPO. remember to kill, ah, gay, raggedy ann, horors, of evil, that's no good, FUCK YOU I've been on a UFO, pot is a better drug than alcohol, I had a great time doing drugs. raggedy ann. this is cool. ok. we can cut the beginning off.
Ax Jxnnee Rxchee gives us a softly buzzing smooth drone pad, answered by a brief lull, a cock crow and then some heavy stereo weirdness. All threads pull through at the end. Not sure: Ax Jxnnee Rxchee isn't the straight-edge alter-ego of At Jennie Richie, but what would that have anything to do with anything anyways.
irr. app. (ext.) lavish twinkly drones crescendo & meet bowling alley ambiance.
Pink Void gots some dial-tone drone? Maybe, I can hardly remember what telephones used to sound like anymore. Darker. Brooding black ambient. Creeper me out horror or tense situation sample. Timbers are shivered.
Red Squirrels a song like lullaby played with some sort of hurdy instrument accompanied by reverberated vocal. It's called The Good Night Song. Gordon Lightfoot, eat your heart out.


  1. Hey, the sample for Pink Void's Black Hole is from 'Invention for Radio No. 1: The Dreams (1964)' by Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange, the track is called 'Falling'. Cheers

    1. Ah hey that's great! Thanks for the good looking outs Jim! hi5!