Monday, May 13, 2013

Corpse Candle - Don't Kill The Messenger C48 out now on Lighten Up Sounds

Corpse Candle, Detroit native, currently London based, has delivered Don't Kill The Messenger through US label Lighten Up Sounds. This is only the 2nd release, by artist Robert Meldrum, I've gotten my hands on, but I'm definitely digging this Corpse Candle project. Twisted up gnarly sounds. Harsh sputters, collapsing drones, savage winds, ripple-whipping the crust-cutter. Rivers of distortion rage into a demonic pit of charred feedback laced with tons of delay and echo. Down pitched vocals of the damned. Spooky gutter death electronics. Don't Kill The Messenger is something you'd be caught dead listening to.
Translucent green tape, sticker on one side. The back of the case is painted green on the inside, and they did a fine job. No, seriously. I'm looking for a reason to blither, but can find none. It's not flaking or easily scratched when abused. Jcard is thick black card-stock w/white print. Hand number /50 copies. It's a keeper.

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