Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vacio Perfecto - El Despoblador c30 on Worthless Recordings

Cold Death Industrial Post Dark Ambient Martial Textural Rhythmic Harsh Burnt Drone Charred Noise Structures. Grilled feedback, deep fried alarm tank. Cue the generator. Contaminate her with your essence. Blindside her by your vision. Sputter rusted blood. Mechanical tissue. Surgical freeze. Intermittent sub-hum. Neck squelching psycho-garble snare. Not too dirty, not too clean, there is a real middle tempo/ low end tonal organic synth beds, steady grueling pace. Ghost-ride your deathbed. Repetition builds to provide more pulse and direction. Not so much any programmed drum machines or synths, but a lot of loops of loops and leads. Squashed out oscillations squirming beneath lofi phono stylus abuse. An occasional sample of a creepy Spanish guy monologue gets tossed in. Maybe he's dictating to his diary, I dunno, creepaziod though for sure. Holding your attention span hostage with a meat cleaver. Brighter Death Phantom Breath. Sonar assisted predatory war game. This artist would feel right at home on Cold Spring.

Includes Lyric sheet, on really thin delicate paper. Outer strip says his name is Esteban F. Alcalde and this was recorded in Valdemoro-Madrid in 2012. Worthless put this out in 2013. It's a good listen. New artist worth following for sure.

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