Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sound Out Light - Bloom c30 out on Fabrica Records (2012)

Here's an artist that is completely new to me but digging around on discogs, I find that Sound Out Light is Dave Doyen, and he has another project called Vales, and a band, Roped Off, all having been moderately active these last 5 years or so, lets see how it tastes...

The yellow tape is in a yellow tinted case, and its "shrink wrapped" like a pack of smokes, with a small strip that you pull to get the plastic open quick & easy. This is the first I've ever seen this feature on a cassette tape, and I must admit, that I love it. Makes it feel like this tape is a product that is packaged for quick and convenient consumption by the masses; possibly habit forming. Dig right in and notice the imprint on the tape features skulls on side A and a huge flock of tiny birds on side B; so you know it's gunna be kill.

There are no harsh noisebox or shakerbox walls, nor a screeching feedback blasts on this tape, just a bunch of smooth full-flavor satisfaction-enhancing really awesome drone music. Literally some of the best twinkling polished up ambient songs on the charts today. Maybe its New Age woo-woo; wouldn't be rad if we digested New Age woo-woo? This euphoric sorcery isn't of the gutter stream, its all too pure and potent for that. Mellowtone drone beneath the whir of synth loop-echo goodness; not intended for single use, use it again and again until you are healed. Sweird, a lot of good tonedrone stuff like this has been rolling in my decks, lingering in my air recently. Cosmic Sativa Walls of Sunshine. No wrongs make it all right.

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