Sunday, January 19, 2014

Matt Shoemaker - The Late Day Spectrum on Master Chemical Society

Sound Sample on Soundcloud courtesy of Master Chemical Society

Matt Shoemaker is known for his minimalistic drone music. He also does extensive work with field recordings, audio collage, and even some of the maniacally harsh, implode your lucidity type shit. I've seen him use super fancy modular synths with gobs of blinking lights and a spaghetti nest of wires dangling around as well as some rather interesting junk-metal devices. His performances are some top-notch stuff and his recordings are absolutely remarkable.
The Late Day Spectrum is a low key string/drone/wind/field recording/ masterpiece. The sounds of these instruments are captured with rich tone and full harmonic depth. The performance, indeed flawless. This tape will resonate in your space like a beautiful gamelan. Intoxicating strings carry you off with the breeze. A rustling drizzle-cloud glides you back home.
Nice thick, double-sided, pro-folded J-card in clear norelco case. Imprint on side a only. This tape looks, feels and sounds exceptional. Master Chemical Society is a new label worth investigating; so investigate.

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