Saturday, January 11, 2014

Swastika Novelty Co. - analogs / tasting the order of...

(1) analogs
(2) tasting the order of...

Buzz drone for the perfect cup of drip coffee.
I always like to play this tape real early in the morning. Its got a chill chi aligning vibe. The kind of lush-fi drone tone that make you wanna go "Om." Roll out the yoga mat. Get your day started off right. These gently wavering wings of overdrive are like a float down the chasm of a soaring orgasm. No surprise screeching feedbacks or jarring discomforts, just soothing even tempered gutter bliss. I picture it as a torrid love affair between an imitation strat and an electric toothbrush; uh-huh. I know it's early but crank it up, no one'll mind. They'll all thank me later.

It doesn't indicate much info on the tape here, but this is the first in presumably a long series of forthcoming releases from this artist on the Readymades Tapes imprint, which appears to be a label home to 6 surreal experimentalists. Swastika Novelty Co. is the offerings of some guy named eriijk. This guy does stuff.  I'm not exactly sure whats going on down in californialand but pour yourself a cup, pull up a seat & lets start poking it with a stick.
Eeiijk's website

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