Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Panicsville / Vertonen - Coagulation purple 7" out on CIP (2002)

Purple 7" here.
"coagulation" is a collaboration between panicsville and vertonen.
A. such tedious assessments only inflame the dourest of comedies
sure that's all well and good-but a rash is a rash.
B. your name dropping skills are matched only by your lack of charisma
anger mismanagement
third reich from the sun

Mastering by J. Soliday.
Cover art which is totally rad and not featured in this digest, by a. ortmann
stereophonic recording, 33.3 rpm
C.I.P. 010
also included is about half of a white sleeve, and some 2002 era printed promo label propaganda.

Dedicated to Peter Soto's beard
Freak-out spastic weirdo cut-up road-rash and raspberries sounds utilizing the stereo spread. Wropls and blewps are answered on the opposing side by hot flying chunks of static shrapnel. Rolling with layers of buzzy drip drone walls, waves of oscillation cascade up and down.  Lock and groove. Hippie-hop kumbaXcore gutter track reprise.

Andy + Blake 4 ever
Stern wavering meow sine cutoff synthphonic lead. Mellowing harsh, metal clangs on repeat hit loop on the 3, warbly tones drones delay loop growing mushrooms in moms basement echo low on the blippy bloop LFO. Dental grade nitrous trip pop to the lock and groove, a smooth loop of bloop wows.

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