Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vertonen - Flooded c29 out on Readymades Tapes - Quality Since 1893

Says here that Vertonen is B. Edwards and Devices. Also says these was recorded, composed, edited, and mastered May-June 2013 at Papin Sisters Studios in Chicago, IL. It says Readymades Tapes - Quality Since 1893. It doesn't say that Vertonen is the new flavor of the month and we eat this shit up.

1. orchestreas An elegant ambiance caressing the soft and subtle whispering tongue ear licking drone. No quirky experimental loops or harsh noise interjections. Empowering the sorrowful. Crippling the antagonistic. This tape delivers the highest caliber of ethereal serendipitous stung like a lullaby, run like the sea. Sun-kissed face hot apple-pie breeze. Faint radio tuning static cloud greets the bow of reign into a bed of forever dusted rose pedals.

2. timeminded Wind in non-concentric phase grows a gizzard of underlying d'tune tenor raga revealing the choral call for blissful excellence in the reunification of oneness.. Do put this on in the feel good fashion. May induce altered dispositions. Not for operating heavy equipment. Love-cycle tendrils of pure energy disperse into everything forever.
This one's for you JZ and AD

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