Saturday, January 25, 2014

Burial Ground - The Boogeyman c92 on Worthless Recordings (2013)

Burial Ground has established a reputation as the quintessential Horror-HNW artist. Slays it every time. Lays it to rest peacefully. Do not disturb sign on the door. To me, the many Burial Ground releases' are a guilty pleasure, meant to be savored. Each side of the tapes are like a tall frosty milkshake with whip cream on top. The winning recipe produces a salivating consistency. A mood setting intro and a fully fledged Harsh Noise Wall of thick-ass distortion. Pure Static Worship, a burning therapeutic obsession. These walls are so good, they have become the walls by witch all other walls are to be judged.

You'll find this tape to be exactly what you'd come to expect from Burial Ground. Choice samples from an old flick, The BOOGEYMAN, that usher in forty-minute walls of pure terror-tone. I flipped my J-card around, reversed it, cause I'm a rebel who showcases nice inner-art. The stickers on the tape itself kinda seem like they're spray-painted, total black, but the finish is so smooth, it's deceiving; maybe its printed, no I'm going with my paint theory cause it smells painty perhaps. Clean job. Tabs are still in, so don't fuck shit up. 20 copies & fresh out.

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