Wednesday, January 29, 2014

They Live - LP on Death Waltz Recording Co. (2013)

Soundtrack to the movie that blows the lid off this whole god damn thing.
The veil of deception penetrated by dark sunglasses.
All hail John Carpenter & Alan Howarth.

This record is so fucking good. Essential electronic blues music. Sort of a sprawling jazz vibe not far removed from David Lynch's Twin Peaks. There's been a measurable uptick in John Carpenter worship over the last few years. There's surge in bands that seem to exist exclusively within the John Carpenter genre, and for good reason. This album being a prime example.
Death Waltz recently popped up in 2011 producing exquisite 180g colored vinyls with lavish prints & posters that'll wow even the most jaded record junkies. They've spared no expense getting the killer soundtracks the treatment they deserve. I've seen these for sale at most local record shops, so you'll have no problem finding them. They might cost a little extra, but it'll be worth it once you realize how much your quality of life improves when you get it home and got it spinning on your platter.

This is the translucent magenta vinyl version.

Liner notes:

Recorded at Electric Melody Studios, Glendale, California

Equipment used:
Keyboards: Synclavier Digital Audio System, Emulator II with OMI CD-ROM, Yamaha DX7, SCI Prophet 10, 2002 and VS, Ensoniq EPS and SQ-80, Oberheim SEM-4.
Outboard effects: Korg DVP-1, Moog Vocoder, Eventide H949, Lexicon 224X, Delta Lab DL-4 & DL-5, JL Cooper MSB 16/20.
Recorders and console: Soundcraft 2400, Ampex MM-1100 24 track, Otari Mark III-4 & 8, Sony VO-5850, Sony PCM-F1, 3M Tape.
Computers and software: Apple Macintosh SE & II, Digidesign Cue Sheet, Mark Of The Unicorn Performer 2.31.
Album processed using B.A.S.E. (Bedeni Audio Spacial Environment)

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