Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vertonen / Anti-Ear c41 on BOC Sound Laboratories (2005)

Grinds grain into stardust. Reverse reverb trailing up to whipping spizzle twipe inspurjr tweeee. Vertonen wastes no time getting right to the goods kicking off his side with a couple tracks featuring some choice A grade source-material by Anti-Ear. Sheets of static mingle with blursts of rupple zerks. Twyster squeals back tone jammer scankling the bit-tronic cosmusic-box inner lining vibraphone rendering of over the borderline. oh oh, and wait for it... yup... in creeps the keep pushing me loop. Material world material girl loop comes, trainwrecks, goes, synth lead bassline walking hot trot.
Rising pulsation, scrapple compressed air, wet tongue, squishy paste, crumpled juice-box, clackle wheel, pozzi pig sticker. Harsh sand and broken glass stuckle on fly-paper swabs. Anti-Ear comprises tracks of some intricate bizzaro sounds. Loops fade in and out weaving together mad tapestry pattern cycles that twitch and impale a constant sea-change creating a most colorful voyage of exploration and discovery into the realms of Harsh Experimental Musick. Tune into Tokyo, Jupiter, Andromeda... Is there anyone receiving transmission? Scraggly spurts of static cling grunt to gargle chop to screw meet me under the gurney. Never give up hope; never stop the noise spewage. Churning up lung butter, hostile squelch fly leave me the fuck alone!

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