Friday, January 24, 2014

Vertonen – Fait A La Machine / Machines Domestiques Picture Disc + CDr on Crippled Intellect Productions ‎– CIP025 & Ratskin Records ‎– RSR034

A1 Hydraulic Hammer, Diesel Engine, Forge, Die Mold Cutter. Well right-the-fuck-on! here we have some honest-to-goodness INDUSTRIAL music. The way it was always meant to be. Steady rhythm of a well oiled machine. The repetition of the factory equipment mass producing goods on a large scale. Plunking and clanking away.
A2, A3, A4 all sound much more textural in nature. Ambient walls of perhaps an industrial origin. Sublet hums and sub-sonic drones with twinkling wind blown debris. They mostly just sound like good thought provoking dismal ambient noise walls with an ethereally elated impetus. 
Side A ends with a nice lock & groove loop reminiscent of the clearly industrial factory floor sound on track1
Side B begins with an industrial revolution lock & groove too! Hey, how bout that!? 
B1 Thrashing metal wall of scrap noise, sanded down with 80-grit sandpaper. Commando crawling through the air ducts, stabbing the sheet metal with his elbows and knees, trudging along at a brisk pace.
B2 You're on the clock! Time is money! Get'r done! Lets go sister! Weld it up tight, we ain't got all night.
B3 1600 Ton Forge Press, Milling Machine, Cylindrical Grinder Heavy mechanics.
B4 Hazardous environments in the workplace. Always use safety equipment when operating the Binding Machine, Grinder, Conveyor Belt.
Lock & groove: sawing motion.
This record is righteous.

The nice pro-done looking CDr included is focusing on the more ambient side of automated ventilation systems and shit. I dunno about all of that, but this is so good, I might have to put it on my funeral playlist. Its an hour long, and effortlessly warrants multiple listens.

One of the nicest looking pic discs I've seen.
You should buy this.

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