Thursday, January 23, 2014

D.M.A.H. - TULPA cdr out on Smell The Stench (2011)

Harsh, smashing, wall of terrorized and disgustupated noise. Earsplitting barrage of obliterated squeal and distortion. Feedback and fax machine modulation overtone static eruption. Geismic crumbling of the heavy-handed brutality machine. Punishing non-stop frequency abuse. Brulpy chaos. Some vile human who hates his neighbors must be behind all this savage rage. Debilitating low-end garble crushing stray unrefined knobfloolery. Frayed static and melted tone. Sweeping dry layers of powdered distortion. Garnished with harsh citrus pulp and razor blades slices. Injected with an Aggressive Black Wall paste of Harsh Static Frenzied Drone. Brushing your teeth with steel wool. Laying it down with layers of chunky waves of raw power. Dropping the kill switch. Pulling the breakers. Swarmimng squall. A searing 57 minute Harsh Noise melee, all stitched together from presumably only the most violent and brutal cuts.Will fuck you up and down the sheet. Sort of putters out in the last few minutes, but all together a good cd to throw on and do some house chores.

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