Monday, December 23, 2013

Vertonen - Blind Ventriloquist out of print on Rainbow Bridge

Here's one that's been getting plays by this new band guy artist project I just recently rediscovered called Vetonen. Actually Vertonen is the mind bake of Blake Edwards, who is possibly some sort of legendary noise master or maybe just overall under-rated jammer in general. It's unclear to me at this time. Absolutely worth delving into for a deeper examination, lets begin with this here Blind Ventriloquist tape released on Rainbow Bridge (a tie-dye-leopard-print friendly label recently relocated to Chicago from Baltimore ish). Material recorded and edited in March 2013, Doff of the hat to Justin Marc Lloyd, Nods to M.G. & AMK.

Awesome Side 1 is a 16m blisser of improvised turntables, 1-left channel, 1-right channel, playing run-out grooves, labels and edges of records (and bands too) using the 33 to 78 stylus mechanism on the tonearm coupled with a janky connection cable. It pretty much says so on the insert. Side 2 is the same sort of shit but with hand-melted records and distortion pedal to the source recordings.

Dreamy vocal loops of ghosted olde-tyme female crooner serenades and skips entertain both the conscious as well as the subconscious mind ear. This is followed by some bad trip inducing scattered needle drops to fuck your shit right up so be on guard or pay it no mind. After frantic moments we're delighted with the babbling brook of lush record static. Sorry grandma, but we're entering some death-industrial marching zone. They must have rock quarries in heaven. Let the angels sing, but lets crush the hell out of these rocks. Love.

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