Saturday, December 21, 2013

DEAD - Christmas - Cdr out on Spahn Records

1. I Won't Be Home For Christmas
Noisebed of harshblasted rippage under a layer of propaganda and mind control. Die with some dignity. Now we have some choice. Mother PLEASE! It will not hurt if you be quiet. Carbide Inserted Vibrator. Fucking great track.

2. Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Noise Dirge Bowel Purge epic doomed to make jam blow-out featuring DEAD-spasticwallguitar&blusterdrums George-tattereddrums&destructivekeyboard Sandy-bassinthepalce Wally-vocalsnojokels.

3. Syphilis Santa (DM Remix)
DEAD rolls out a Robitussin inspired dead-industrial war drone. Samples dropped like bombs. Lucidity gets cut with a knife. The holidays can be a motherfucker.  

Picked up from Wall of Sound

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