Monday, February 4, 2013

Rape Victim Revenge - I Kill Rich Cunts C30 out now On Crystal Lake Tapes

Rape Victim Revenge
: Harsh Noise project, hails from Washington state's inland empire. This tape offers up some HNW, pure and simple. Nothing esoteric or experimental here. Full-on white-hot distortion worship. Static motion. Powerful display of restraint & discipline. Firm low-end rumble, not sub-sonic or muddy, nice and tight. Thin around the waste-line but with a busty upper mid-range. My ears are constantly drawn to this area. It's like those old impact /carbon copy printers predating fax modems. Dimming the dial a bit a the high side, these sounds poke at my brain directly behind my eyes and envelope around my ears. Very listenable. Rape Victim Revenge has no use for vocals, microphones, or conventional instruments of any kind. Just HARSH NOISE WALL. After several listens, I'm almost sure both sides contain the same track. Fuck all. Listen to HNW.
Keep an eye on Rape Victim Revenge. He's played only a handful of gigs and gaining quick momentum. His next live appearance will be opening for Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Black Leather Jesus in Seattle on March 1st, 2013.
Crystal Lake Tapes is a brand new HNW off-shoot of the WORTHLESS RECORDINGS label. They made 21 copies of this, so get it while you can.