Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Regosphere / Content Nullity "Claws of the Witch" Split c30 on Dumpsterscore Recordings

Dumpster Score Home Recordings has hand crafted a slick looking release here. Glossy, purple hued cover art features some sort of monolithic brick archway structure. Fitting, it seems to evoke the feelings of solace and time worn refection that the tracks themselves arouse. Vellum strip and purple lyric sheet w/ contrasted lo res performance photos add a nice touch of class to the package.

Regosphere side contains coagulated synths stewing in swelling bass cavities, lurking in the bowels of Morpheus. Mood-stabilizing fog of blown low-drone wavering modulated flutters of creepy newly sharpened automated industrial torture probes. Clear electronic haze attacks your senses. Distorted lightning in stereo. Expertly placed hillbilly rant about how ...God doesn't hate the sinner, he hates the sin... The death-industrial force is strong with this one. Just about all the bells and whistles are right here. On this tape. From 2011.

Content Nullity lays out a couple surrealistic composed dark-industrial tracks with some straight-up PE vocals plastered right on top. The tracks compositions are strong. Numbing midriff-fuzz drones blend with loop layers of rhythmic bleak synth. Constantly building. Turning up the heat. The vocals reign over this with an assertive underwater raspy-robot decepticon sound. A little hot in the mix, but I pay no mind. Typical syllabic PE vocal pace and delivery. Climax and the deconstructive break-down. 2nd track is unreal. Sounds so good in my ears. Could play this all day. Has a catchy loop-tape feel. Fluid melody and static-saturated bass shadow walks you slowly to your grave. This time the vocals creep in like an angelic choir lost in its own forest of loop-delay & endless decay.

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