Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eraritjaritjaka / Bestand Aus Kleinen ‎- From One Side To The Other

Eraritjaritjaka crams a shitload of harsh walls, jarring distortions, noise, choice movie quotes, and thrash metal riffs into micro snippets, firmly juxtaposed together forming sort of a story. Breakcore speedranch collage style. Moving so fast, with so many cuts, its nearly impossible to tell where the first 6 tracks end or begin. Blistering hi-fi laptopped audio barrage executed with precision. Shits on fire. The final track is a recording of a live set. These sounds convey the honesty of the live medium but are much more lo-fi and distantly hollow, like many live recordings can be, and mostly amount to tape filler.

Bestand Aus Kleinen side consists of a single HNW track. The harsh erosive wall itself is thick, gritty, and full of textured crackle, but the recording seems muffled and distant. Not as completely enjoyable as most harsh wall noise jams. This is the latest in a string of releases from the side-project of Richard Ramirez, the highly prolific Texas noise monger. I'm not good with translations, but I believe this project name translates [very] roughly into: Collection of Young Girls.

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