Monday, November 26, 2012

Nite Shadez - Black Holes for the Face and a Graveyard C47 out on OUT-OF-BODY RECORDS

Hailing from Denton Texas, Nite Shadez is an audio/visual electro-dust-noise duo. Live shows feature tape layering and visual projections. The visual element isn't easily communicated onto audio cassette. The J-card artwork looks like it was designed by a 4th grader. Interlaced pixel screen-shot of a bolt of lightning. Deep black purple and green aurora behind a clear overhead transparency J-card with ghosts, graveyard and album title scrolled across the bottom. Pro dubs and nice print jobs. Comes with 1" pot-leaf sticker insert. Info card on heavy paper says no computers or overdubs, play at max volume with sunglasses. Reverse side has a contrasted out photo of two dudes in sunglasses.

Nite Shadez - Black Holes for the Face and a Graveyard. The meat and potatoes of these tracks consist of drum-machine, synth pad, bass lead sequences layered with vocal mutterings, distorted moaning screams, and spoken word samples played in reverse or at high speeds. These samples bring to mind Dr Phil, but I'm too lazy to play em in the other direction to try and find out. The drum sounds are cheap synthetic outsider rhythm industrial minimalism loosely cobbled together. Usually, I would tend to enjoy this sort of approach but here it falls a bit flat. Expertly amateur conception. The recording techniques are solid. The sound itself is quality. The content, not so much.
I'm not all that into this release, but I'll hype it up anyways, cause I'm sure some young fledgling noisephile will pick this up, becoming fascinated by this genre with an 'I can do it better' attitude, and will commit to pulling off some mind-blowing recordings of their own. I'll regard this tape as seminal in that respect.

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