Thursday, February 7, 2013

Self Communion / Drowner split cs out on What We Do Is Secret

Self Communion is the solo project Nic Schmidt. Maybe you've heard of some of his other involvements: Mutant Video, Pig Heart Transplant, FEEDING. Anyhow this sounds like : Distortion saturated stagger-tone walking bass loops shadowed by droned zombie vocals. Stabbing rhythms, robotic living tissue, slow-smoked bath-salts. Self Com. Hairs on the back of my neck... Creep.

Drowner rips us a bouquet of junk metal doom, walls of searing slime, disgusting scum functions, and underlying dark-ambient hate. Jams. His tracks begin at the end of Self Communion's side which seems kinda weird sci-fi outer tape space. Kinda makes for a unique split though.

I would describe these as quality recordings that capture the tone and essence of each of these killer projects. Pro production values all around. Awesome artwork featuring armless naked female mannequin with inverted cross necklace YES! Nice dubs. Imprint. Released in 2010. What We Do Is Secret.

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