Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vomir ‎– Petites Amoureuses Ensevelies cdr out on Victimology Rec.

Vomir - Petites Amoureuses Ensevelies. I guess I've never gotten around to checking out Vomir. Always assumed he was some dude dressed like The Crow, puke&gag vocals, slobber and tears running his make-up. Especially with album titles like this, I may still have my suspicions. As it turns out, this album is just a big rad HNW tack. Blast this like napalm in the morning, your neighbors will love it. Full bodied low-end rumbling, rich with crackling texture. Robust aroma of pure Harsh Noise Wall stench. Static, suspended in motion. Hmmm, time for a pot of coffee.

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