Thursday, September 6, 2012

Astromason + Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Endless Black out on Worthless Recordings

Worthless didn't even put their name on this. Shame. The sides are called Endless Black I and Endless Black II. I'm guessing that this is a collaboration, not a split per say. Side I has the signature sounds of BSBC, with the super-low pitch-shifted gnarled tree-trunk vocals and hellacious rumbling wall of static. There's is also a bunch of high pitched caterwauling on top here that must be the trademark styling of Astromason. I don't know much about them, other than they're seasoned noise junkies in Japan, and that this is the 2nd Astromason/BSBC split tape.
Side II has a little bit more of the heavy wall of rumble and distortion with the high-pitched fuckery lurking slightly in the shadows. It goes down easy if you can dig easy-to-listen-to re-fried HN sludge. Overall I like side II better, because it's a solid hunk of what I love about BSBC tapes; the harsh low-blown bog-drudge goodness. Still though, the discerning ear can tell there's amateur bits of crap layered in there that makes me think BSBC has started slightly diluting their standards in regards to quality control. Even with that being said, this tapes still more jammable than most. bitches.

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