Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DEADBEAT - Source Tape for lonely Nights

Does your noise suck? You need a better sound source. Just pipe this baby through your rig and you're noise'n like the big dogs! Add as much or as little variation as you wish. You can even do nothing if you just wanna knob-sync, and you'll still sound like a harsh noise god. The foundation is laid. All the fundamentals of pummeling harsh rumble and wicked crackle can be yours for the sourcing. DEADBEAT is on point. This really is a noiser's noise tape. Each side serves up a 20 minute slab of moving but not changing HNW. Not the stale static walls, but the kind you can really sink yer teeth into. Get yer panties wet walls. No sour notes or bogus tones. The end of side B degrades into a bass drone, so you can tell when you're almost done sourcing. Cover photo of gross human tugging shirt collar, showing off hickey. MADE IN U.S.A.

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