Monday, July 9, 2012

Mutant Video - "Head Scan" Part Two out on IRON LUNG Records

Kick back & relax. Act normal. Go on about your usual business; let "Head Scan" Part Two do its thing. Creepishly lurking at your back, this minimally invasive full-length cassette is the shit. General vibe is subtle seething dirge of synth drone and bass gut. Simmering pads, haunting throbs, and the occasional old school industrial drum beat tastefully comprise the trove of slow burnning jams. Track names like "Comb Over", "Oil Change", & "Business Expense" fail at eluding to the vast awe you succumb to when you realize the sinister truths hidden between the lines of routine monotony within your everyday life. If Mutant Video aimed at pulling off a masterful album with real staying power, without having it sound the least bit over-produced or schtiky, then they hit the mark. Bar raised. Nice looking pro-dub just like real tapes back in the 1980's. Download code included with tape if yer into it. Look for your copy over at IRON LUNG

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