Friday, July 20, 2012

SCARD - Hellscum c30

Hails from the pacific northwest, SCARD is the solo work of Jared Huston. Side A, "Locked Within" offers up some seriously remorseful and life-loathing drone noise. It's not really fair to call it noise though. There are black oceans of evil lurking behind these sounds. Maybe this is actucutally some SDBM. Skillfully crafted scapes that make yer skin crawl. Think BSBC w/well laid growling, spooky synth, static creaks, tribal war-drums, and frothing at the mic. Exquisite melody that bleeds through toward the end is really sort of breath taking. You'd be into it. Side B, "A Serpent's Coil" is some straight-up bedroom blackmetal the way it's meant to be. One man, one drum machine, some real drums (maybe), blistery guitar, gag'n vocals chords. Jcard: b&w image of the sun through the trees is a nice touch. These dubs sound awesome too. Get one.

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