Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hangedman Vol. 1 cs comp.

Ever wonder where Seattle's noise-friendly mystics and granola-eating folk-doom vegan hockey-mask artists are at? Well, there'r all right here on the HangedMan Vol. 1 cs comp. J-card is screened and even appears to be embossed. 2 sets of liner notes indicate artist and track titles.

MegaBats - "Lawbreaker" kicks off the comp with a gleaming track of murky ambient synthesized bliss. Richard D. James couldn't have done it better himself.

Kristian Garrard - "Iced Axe IV" earthy machines, throbbing hearts, streams of consciousness. Ethereal harmony puts zen in motion.

Karnak Templers - "Spiral Chasm" ritual string worship mournful of thyself.

Josh Medina - "Scotch Broom" guitar-vocal-folkl, conceived by firelight in the absence of moon beams.

Them, There - "Ghostwood" blending cello, wind, and bleak guitar to formulate an exquisite aesthetic.

Side B

Demian Johnston - "And Then it Drags Across the Bottom" is Demian's most successful attempt at sounding like Blue Sabbath Black Cheer to date. Well played.

Inh Halentropy - "Arp Grey Magic 2600" lo-fi beat machines and spooky thermionic leads pre-dates dub-step.

Thunder Grey Pilgrim - "Iaospel"   actually. Classical black metal picking and strumming with disgusting vocal oddness.

Nightjar - "Bottom Road" even more crusty black metal guitar.

Sokai Stilhed - "City of Love" an enjoyable gem weaving together of backwards flute and loop manipulated vocal frolics. Fun stuff.

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