Thursday, July 5, 2012

CIEN MUCHACHOS AT JENNIE RICHIE C20 out on Readymades Tapes - Quality Since 1893

AJR gets weirder every time. This tape offers up a dose of everything under the sun. A "smooth" flowing collage of  this and that: soft ambient walls of pad drone harsh bursts trippy bluejazz breakdowns lo-res xylaphone loop samples darkened dirge trumpet riff more bell manual cd skipping vynil starting hop crafty processing full spread stereo panning the works. Never muddy, never dull. J-card printed on semi-translucent paper w/red insert + photoshop guy. Side A: The Dance Of A Thousand Dances. Side B: Arrojado, Audaz, Inteligente. AJR fans seek this. Edition of 5. Good luck.


AT JENNIE RICHIE The Vest Coast Volume 1 C20 out on Readymades Tapes - Quality Since 1893

I'm posting these tape reviews in tandem because, well, I'm not entirely sure that I haven't gotten them mixed up. The tape artwork doesn't list the titles, and I've been swapping these tapes back&4th-in&out my tape deck for the last few days; as far as matching track titles to tracks on the tape, I'm at a loss. It could go either way. With that said, I'm high to see that all of these tracks are courtesy of The Nine Day Antler Society And The Seven Gallery. Side A titled Mixtape Found In Karadesh (Get Down, Get Back) is a track that I would totally believe was a tape found in some place that sounds like a Hindi-Buddist sort of country, or I could see it being a looped sample jam of an old b&w disney cartoon set in such a place. Solid jam fer sure. Crank it up and roll through the mall parkinglot. Windows down. Straight face. All Summer long. Side B. Organ Operator Footage - Raw Organ Footage I - Automatic Perception seems like a darker drench of players .Not as happy-go-lucky but well worth the wear on your tape head. Edition of 5. Trans Jcard W/Captivating Jcard insert: pages from Romaji Diary TAKU BOKU. 

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