Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bite Itself / Self Com - split c20 out on Casual Men

images of release courtesy of terminalescape blogspot

Both of these dudes are casual members of supergroup PigHeartTransplant, so it goes without saying that these tracks aren't going to disappoint. Quality pro-dubbed black cassettes, minimalist artwork with slick black multifold j card.
BITE ITSELF - Hotel Abyss, a side long track comes off as one mans moral struggle with the duality of human nature. I could easily see this originating from a peyote induced, paranoid psychotic delusion of Good vs. Evil, playing itself out in an abandoned hotel in small town new mexico. Surrounded by distorted rattle snakes, a deranged lunatic blathers about heaven's angles. Tormented creeks whirl and wisp by whipping blades sharpening themselves. Individually, the abrasive drones heard here would actually be quite palatable and soothing to my ears, but this cocktail of harsh blasts of concentrated feedbacks, thunderous pulsing, and awkward mutterings have a rather tensing affect. Suspense and discomfort draw me in with a familiar, somehow welcoming feeling. Like getting a letter from your dead grandmother saying how much she's looking forward to your death cause she just can't hang out with you in the afterlife.
SELF COM - Status Report, analog synth drones emulate the sounds scientists must be hearing when they "tune in" to specific stars in outer-space with their phono-telescopic instrumentation and listen to the audible signatures radiating throughout the celestial galaxies. - Dead Space is a simple four note progression repeated with a light layer of high-pitched squeal and droning lyrics about a spaceman coming or something. As cheesy as that may read, its actually a pretty catchy little tune. - I'm a man is sort of throwback to the Status Report track. Over-driven synth drones or maybe a recording of a turbine engine played backwards like Hypnotoad. I don't quite understand any of the lyrics on this track, but near as I can tell, Self Com is opening up cosmic portals to communicate these chants in the ancient tongues of his reptilian overlord.  

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